Sound the alarm!

“Hurry it up, would ya?” he gruffly whispered in her ear.

“If you would have done your job I wouldn’t be struggling to do mine,” she clipped back.

He huffed and then stalked away. Free from distraction, for the moment, she looked again at the safe. Never in her wildest imagination would she have expected an Inferno ADI 1308. Only three had been made and they were all overseas, or so she had thought. The designer hadn’t made blue prints and had been more than a savant when it came to make false tumbler points and fail safes. She knew the ADI had about nine levels to bypass before it would open. Reese’s constant interruption made it hard to keep track on which level she was on.

Looking at the door in front of her she examined all nine dials. Just one had not moved. With a sense of impending dread she started swirling the dial. As the last digit was clicked into place she felt something within the safe. Not able to put her finger on it, she quickly lost the thought when Reese reappeared.

“You got it?”

“Yeah, sure, go ahead.”

“Brilliant,” he said shouldering out-of-the-way.

Not expecting such a rude removal from her previous space she lost her footing and fell. A split second later she couldn’t help but be grateful. As soon as he opened the safe a massive series of webbing encased him as an unearthly blaring erupted from the safe. Ah, the nagging feeling. The dials had one last fail safe apparently. Needing to be reset or else this.

What are you going to do, leave me here?” he yelled as she paced away.

She turned and cocked her eyebrow at him, “I’d be perfectly in the right to do so. You know what they say, there is no honor amongst thieves. However I am no thief and the deepest circle of hell is reserved for traitors. Remember that, Reese. Now, where is the alarm?


Today’s Prompt: Remember when you wrote down the first thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post about it.

My first thought upon waking this morning? ‘Where is the alarm?’

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