Quick Post: Square(ish) Meals

Squarish MealsA long, long time ago (I can still remember) I got these trays. I thought they were stinkin’ cute, even though the intended audience was probably kids between the ages of 4 and 11. Oh well, such is life.

Shockingly they haven’t proven immensely practical for yours truly. This is in large part do to the fact that I rarely eat meals that have the foods/food groups separated. I’m a crock pot/casserole/soup girl at heart. However, the other day I was delighted when I was making supper and realized I had divided out my food. Ribs, steamed broccoli and a tangerine. Supper of champions.

I was careful not to take my eyes of my tray though. The squirrel was eying the ribs and would have taken off with them. Anyway, a basic leftover meal by moi. Thanks to my father for giving me the ribs, since that is woefully beyond my skill to make (or buy).


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