I Do ‘Art’

SketchIt has been a LONG time since I’ve drawn, and even then I didn’t really do trees. Trees are tricky, so of course last night I decided it’d be fun to sketch out a picture I took of the town’s swinging bridge. If I were my drawing professor I’d point out I have the atmospheric drawing off (the item farthest away – the bridge- should be lighter than the objects in the foreground – the rocks). I just enjoy drawing architecture/geometric shapes more. Something to keep in mind the next time the fancy strikes me. Perhaps I’ll undertake sketching the Colosseum instead. Arches are easier to predict the definite shape of over leaves that are far, far away. Trees aside though, I was impressed my sighting wasn’t too far off when I overlaid the drawing and the picture. Apparently I can still site some lines, good to know. Perhaps I’ll start smaller with a still-life, college style, where we would set everyday objects (scissors, vases, sunglasses, etc) up and draw them. That might be a more manageable way to ease into drawing again.

Until next time
~ Q



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