The Life of a Graphic Designer; or a font nerd. Or just a quick ramble.

Right now I’m working on a logo design for a client-thanks Katlin! However it doesn’t matter the project, the best (and worse) part is picking the font. There are just so many choices! Inevitably you think you have found the ‘perfect’ one and then you scroll through and find that the fi ligature is atrocious (or some tosh like that). However the bit about the logo design (especially if it’s a type based logo) is you really have to look at the letter relationships closely. Does the tail on the R have too much personality, curling too little or not enough? Do the bowls and counters distract from the word? Is the weight of the fonts equal (if combining more than one)? Are they too heavy to properly portray this company? Yes, too many thoughts to put into words at present, but it’s never as easy as ‘slapping on some words’.

The Countdown Continues…

The day is just four days away and I realized last week just how much stuff I need to get done before I bring in my cavalry of carriers to schlep my stuff from the garage to the house. Things I need to accomplish before the weekend include rodding the closet, general cleaning (can’t imagine it hasn’t stayed pristine from the cleaning I did two months ago), and curtaining the living room/dining room. What did I do last night though? I brought the dishes into the kitchen and started getting that organized.


Forgotten Treasures

Hey, it has to happen too and this way I have food/utensils while I do all the other stuff. The best part about unpacking 2-3 months after packing is all the presents you suddenly get. I had somehow forgotten about some of my more awesome dishes, such as my TARDIS mug. Perhaps the Doctor removed the memory but it’s back now and I can’t wait to continue the unpacking process this weekend to see what other hidden treasures I have! Until next time ~ Q

[Audio]Book Review: John Dies at The End

John DiesIf you want an example of an anti-hero David Wong is a pretty good example. He spends most of one chapter, for example, wishing he had followed through with his plans to eat an entire pie in one sitting instead of helping his friend John sort out a crime scene. Class act. To be fair he is repeatedly served a large stack of crap crackers he definitely didn’t ask for and in a clutch he does step up. In the end he does what is needed to be done and starts to put others (well a couple other specific people) ahead of himself. I get ahead of myself though.

John Dies at the End is a book written by David Wong (also the main character) and narrated by Stephen R. Thorn. Thorn does an excellent job of enhancing the literary experience by capturing Wong’s implied attitude so thoroughly in his voice and inflections.

Although I don’t usually seek out curt (and occasionally vulgar) writing I enjoyed the abrupt writing style in this case. Is this the most eloquent book ever? No. Was it entertaining? Oh yeah. Was it an easy read (listen)? Yes. Did it keep me wondering what would happen next? Yes. I could go on with the questions, but what’s the point?

An EXTREMELY watered down synopsis would be that this book is about a guy who ‘survived’ some pretty terrible stuff and is in the process of trying to figure out how to live his life after the fact. It’s told in a series of flash backs as he shares his story with (spoiler) a reporter.

This book will definitely be added to the ‘listen while working’ list. Since it’s a series of anecdotes it’s easy to zone in and out and not miss to much. Although I’m sure the abrupt ending will bug me every time I reach it. ~ Q

The Countdown Begins

countdownIn ten days I have the green light to put stuff on my floors and I am starting to get really excited. I’ve owned the place for nearly two months (it will be two months the weekend I move in) but now that I have a live-in date it’s starting to feel more real. That being said I’m starting to panic (ever so slightly).

I have only the vaguest idea as to where I will put furniture and zero clue how I’ll be decorating. For some reason I think the massive wall collage wont translate to a 9′ ceiling room from being on a 14′ ceiling.

Oh well, decorating will come with time. If only it were here, but I suppose it’s good it’s so far away. I have plenty of things to do before then, both in preparation and for fun (like camping this weekend). ~Q

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

Comments like this are thrown around regularly without any eyelashes being batted.

Comments like this are thrown around regularly without any eyelashes being batted.

Today marks my two-year anniversary at PDG Printing. The time has gone by quite quickly and I still can’t believe my good luck. I have found a place where the people I work with not only embrace my manic mentality but sometimes join in on the craziness. If you would have told my five years ago I’d be working in Story City I would have told you you were crazy, but no, that’s just me. I can think of few instances where I have been so happy to be so wrong. Not much else to say but Happy Anniversary to PDG who, two years ago, hired yours truly. Things haven’t been the same since.