The Countdown Continues…

The day is just four days away and I realized last week just how much stuff I need to get done before I bring in my cavalry of carriers to schlep my stuff from the garage to the house. Things I need to accomplish before the weekend include rodding the closet, general cleaning (can’t imagine it hasn’t stayed pristine from the cleaning I did two months ago), and curtaining the living room/dining room. What did I do last night though? I brought the dishes into the kitchen and started getting that organized.


Forgotten Treasures

Hey, it has to happen too and this way I have food/utensils while I do all the other stuff. The best part about unpacking 2-3 months after packing is all the presents you suddenly get. I had somehow forgotten about some of my more awesome dishes, such as my TARDIS mug. Perhaps the Doctor removed the memory but it’s back now and I can’t wait to continue the unpacking process this weekend to see what other hidden treasures I have! Until next time ~ Q


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