The holidays are coming and I’m getting excited!

35 Days of CelebrationIntroducing my plan for the 35 Days of Celebration! Last year I almost made it through blogging about my 41 Days of Celebration, but towards the end got a little too preoccupied. Last year (which can be found here, here, here or here) I did a LOT of cooking with a classic, baking, & watching Doctor Who (which is NOT a bad way to spend the season). This year will be slightly different, but still some of the same. Now since I didn’t quite get all of the days posted last year I’ll see if I can make it through this time around. Once again have a LOT planned. Something everyday from Thanksgiving (November 28) through New Year’s Day. This is merely an introductory post, so if you are looking for a list of Holiday ideas (like I was) I hope this serves as a good reference and generates some fun ideas. Here are the days they I’ve compiled from various blogs and sites as I have them planned out right now. Granted these are as if I were to live a simple hermit life, which, as a lack of posts over the last six months implies, I don’t quite live anymore.

The list:

  1. Go Christmas Tree Hunting & Thanksgiving
  2. Atkins Thanksgiving (extended family)
  3. Create a Christmas Music Mix (to be listening to for the month)
  4. Holiday Movie Night #1
  5. Wrap Christmas Presents
  6. Make a Gingerbread (or Graham Cracker) House
  7. Holiday Movie Night #2 & Make paper chains/snowflakes
  8. Make Homemade Ornaments
  9. Decorate Christmas Tree
  10. Decorate House
  11. French Toast & Hot Chocolate for Dinner
  12. Design Paper Nativity Scene
  13. Holiday Movie Night #3
  14. Design & Mail Out Christmas Cards
  15. Bake Christmas Cookies
  16. Decorate Christmas Cookies
  17. Make a Fort & Holiday Movie Night #4
  18. Red & Green Food Day
  19. Go Ice Skating
  20. Make a Snow globe
  21. Make Stocking Stuffers
  22. Cook Christmas Fudge
  23. Holiday Movie Night #5 & Sleepover Under the Christmas Tree
  24. Candlelight Fancy Dinner
  25. Make Dipped Pretzels
  26. Holiday Movie Night #6 (I have a lot of holiday movies thanks to my family)
  27. Read the Christmas Story
  28. Christmas Day with the Family
  29. Chestnuts Over an Open Fire (Marshmallows too!!)
  30. Hot Chocolate & Candy Canes
  31. Make Hot Chocolate Balls
  32. Holiday Movie Night #7
  33. Make Homemade Mulled Wine
  34. Holiday Movie Night #8 & Make New Year’s Resolution
  35. Take Down Decorations While Having a Christmas Music Dance Party

That’s the plan, but I’m sure that my friends and family will alter and enhance the plan. In fact I know of a work tradition (going on the tour of homes) that is missing. Oh well, looks like I’ll double up more.

Until next time
~ Q


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