35 Days of Celebration: 01

35 Days of Celebration: Day 01It’s here! The best part? All the time I’ll get to spend with friends and family over the next month. One of the best parts of the holidays is that all my friends that have moved away come home to visit their families. More often then not I get to see them for a cup of coffee at least. Anyway, the season has started and our family kicked it off well. Our Thanksgiving is never really traditional. We (my immediate family) usually have a laid back Thursday since my mom’s family comes down for the entire weekend. This year we had breakfast for dinner before heading out to go Christmas Tree Hunting. I got to help my sister make dinner, under her very watchful eye, which was fun.

What are you doing? This is a very critical moment, the meat is sticking together! ― Bailey

This year was a bit different in that 1) my nephew got to come with us on the hunt (he’s three) and 2) I also had the fun of picking out a tree for my house too. We had a very successful hunt and the three of us (me and my sisters are always the ones that get to pick the tree) were able to agree on a tree in record time. It was quite fun having the whole family along, even though nephew wasn’t super helpful on the narrowing down process. He liked all the trees, but since we couldn’t get them all it was down to the three of us. Christmas Tree Hunting I have an inkling that as the kid gets older his opinion will start to be a factor. Time will tell on that though. So as day one winds down, with all the fun I’ve had with my family so far, I know this next month (and change) will be lots of fun.

Until next time
~ Q


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