35 Days of Celebration: 02

35 Days of Celebration: Day 02Uff da! I am so full I am honestly surprised nothing has burst yet. However it was only the first day of having the extended family in town. There are still two more days to try, although traditionally Sunday is extremely low key. The day started with me turning on the car and hearing the Black Eyed Peas song I Gotta Feeling.

Tonight’s gonna be a good night…

How right the song was. SunriseOn my way to the parents I was greeted with a gorgeous sunrise which helped put me in a good mind set to undertake a new adventure: shopping on Friday. This doesn’t happen. Ever. I don’t really love to shop competitively so Black Friday shopping has never really been my thing. However since the stores we were going to weren’t popular targets for most, it wasn’t such an overwhelming notion to try.

The trip was spear-headed by my oldest sister and her quest to get a hair straightener. Luckily the store she was going to was right next to both a grocery store (since we needed some more staples) and Hobby Lobby. Clearly not the standard stops for the avid shopper. We had a rather successful outing in which we all chose our separate colors of wrapping paper, I claimed black and white chevrons myself. Then we headed home after making one pit stop so I could get a tree stand. Oh how the details elude me – I had a tree skirt but no stand….priorities. Once we got home we continued to hang out until my mother’s extended family started trickling in.

My mother’s two sisters and brother (and their families) come down every year for the weekend. This year was no different. What was different was that before the meal there were house tours and appetizers at my place. I headed home around two with every intention of starting the pinwheels, the warm appetizer I was serving. However as mentioned before sometimes my priorities are a bit out of whack. Instead I decided I really really needed to get my tree stand sorted out. After working on that for ten minutes I finally mentally berated myself enough to get the appetizers prepped and in the oven before continuing with the madness. After fighting with the bolts I was able to get the tree in the stand quite easily…crooked, as my darling sister later pointed out, but in none the less. I was a bit more focused on watering my dying tree and since it’s not even December I wont even begin to worry about how the tree looks.

The evening continued and after we all went through the house and chatted we returned to my parent’s home so the eating could start. And once it started it kept going and going.

Eat through the pain!

Now, five hours later, and I’m still somewhat regretting my food choices. I started off well, but then quickly crumbled. My family knows how to cook and there is just something about Thanksgiving food. Perhaps the fact it’s comprised of the best comfort foods.

The "kids" table (with the adults' table in the background) - I love panorama shots, it results in the best distortions.

The “kids” table (with the adults’ table in the background) – I love panorama shots, it results in the best distortions.

We managed to get everyone off to their various shelters for the night and things are winding down. Which is probably for the best because we all have been fighting off a mass food coma. I can hardly wait for tomorrow for all the games and catching up that will occur. Also, of course, for more food – it’s soups day!!

Until next time
~ Q

35 Days of Celebration

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