35 Days of Celebration: 04

35 Days of Celebration: Day 04Last Christmas I was fortunate enough to be given a handful of holiday movies. This year I decided to toss them all in a bag and pull them out at random for movie nights. Today’s movie? Jack Frost (1979 version)

Once upon a snowflake…

Although it doesn’t mention Christmas specifically a whole lot, it’s still a Holiday staple. It focuses on Winter (and it’s ending) as a whole, but there is one Christmas scene. I really like the ‘dream present’ song/scene. The concept of wrapping a present up nice and neat and leaving the contents up to the imagination is quite appealing. Sure there isn’t anything actually inside the box, but it’d be cool if that’s how things actually worked. I particularly like that Elisa’s dream present is a magic wand. Clearly she is on vacation from Hogwarts….or perhaps she is a Durmstrang girl since it gives the impression of being located up North.

There is something to be mentioned about the animation style. I love how movies use to have physical props and settings (like the original Star Wars). Call me sentimental, and although today’s effects are top notch and seamless, I just enjoy the old classics so much. Perhaps that’s part of the reason why I like vinyl records. There is a quality within them that digital just can’t quite capture, no matter how hard it tries. However with digital you get quite a few more options. How I digress.

Long story short I watched Jack Frost and it will continue to be a staple in my holiday movie options. I always feel a bit sad for Jack. He’s so naive thinking Elsa is truly in love with him. She loves him the way I love, I don’t know, egg nog. I like it a lot, but obviously I am not going to marry it. What a harsh lesson for him to learn. Especially when he risks so much for her. A good man, that Jack Frost.

Ah Snip, I can’t do anything right as a human! ― Jack Frost

Oh Jack, you and me both.

Until next time
~ Q

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