35 Days of Celebration: 05

35 Days of Celebration: Day 05I’ve decided rather than buying an ornament for this year I would decorate one that would represent this year. This year I, somewhat randomly, decided to move out of my apartment and buy I house. From committing to the decision in April it took less than a month until I made an offer on a house. Six weeks later I closed. Two months later I moved in. All the while there has been a lot of work happening. Whether it be packing my stuff, moving my stuff or working on refinishing the house it has certainly been a major moment this year. Naturally I let it be reflected in my ornament.

Ornament 2013Painted Red and gold (like the house), a key, the house number (111), and a snake. Why the snake? My yard was a bit overrun. Apparently four years of in-habitation makes for prime real estate to these reptiles. They have since mended their thinking, or perished. Cheery right? But it wouldn’t be Slytherin house without a few snakes. Granted the coloring is more representative of Gryffindor. I myself tend to reflect the values of Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff though, so really it’s just Hogwarts (Or I just wish it was). However I digress, the real point is that now I have an ornament that will forever reflect my 2013.

Until next time
~ Q

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