Thirty Day Challenge: Day Seven

Day Seven: Five One Pet Peeve

This is beyond pathetic but I am totally blanking. This is a day late and I still can’t think of five. The only one I can think of right off is anyways. Especially when the ‘s’ is over inflected. It just grates on me in the worst way, but like I said, that’s the only one that comes to mind. Maybe that’s a good thing? I’m fairly easy going as a rule.

PeevesNow that I look at my heading ‘pet peeve’ all I can think about is if you had Peeves (from Harry Potter) as a pet. Can you imagine that nightmare? I mean, Vader is tricky enough with his 5 am meowing, but that’s because he wishes to explore the yard. Peeves…well Peeves is just puckish on purpose. The only way there would be any ‘peace’ in my house is if The Bloody Baron lived there too to keep Peeves in line. I know I nick-named my house Slytherin, but that is just too much. And really, what peace can there be in a house with a poltergeist, a ghost and a crazy cat?

Until next time

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PS: There is actaully a website that has a list of pet peeves. I wish I could say I’m surprised.


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