Thirty Day Challenge: Day Nine

Day Nine: How Important I Think Education Is

Coming from a family waist deep in educators, both past and present, I’ve grown up understanding the importance of education. Are there work-arounds to getting a formal education? Of course. People will tell you about how Einstein failed his primary courses or how Steve Jobs (or was it Bill Gates?) didn’t graduate college. Know what they have in common? They were driven. I believe education is quite important, but if you are going to stray from the traditional path you need to be extremely driven and hard working, especially at the beginning. That’s if you want to be on the same level as those who choose education, or elevated higher.

Me? I myself need the structure of a classroom in order to learn, I have follow through issues. I can start anything, I don’t always have the focus to finish them though. City of BonesThis is why I’m constantly in the middle of reading several books at any given time. I always find another one that interests me and pick it up, all the while intending to go back to the former. Right now I’m in the middle of 12.21, Divergent, Evil Genius, The Night Circus, The Mysterious Benedict Society, Girl Walks Into A Bar…, and City of Bones just to name the first ones that come to mind.

Back on point I think education is quite important. How can we, as a group of peers or as a community, communicate effectively if we don’t have a base foundation. Education gives us that. True, we all build on that foundation differently, but as a whole we can all agree that Hydrogen is first on the periodic table of elements, in 1776 we declared our independence and Shakespeare wrote a lot of plays. Education gave us this foundation, and it’s not something to be sniffed at and so easily cast aside.

Until next time

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