35 Days of Celebration: 07 & 08

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Have you ever noticed that everything seems wonderful at Christmas?! ― Ghost of Christmas Present

Last night/tonight’s movie was Jim Hansen’s Muppet Christmas Carol. I had never seen this one before and was quite delighted. Sure there were a few extra characters (the Marley brothers) but the more the merrier I say. For whatever reason I was particularity amused by the Fred actor in this rendition. He was quite quick with the quips, I like that. Also, how can you deny the awesome lyrics that are always present in Muppet movies?

Even the vegetables don’t like him

However one of the bests moments was when, after hiding Scrooge’s face for most of the opening song, you discover it’s Michael Cane. Ah, Christmas came early with that realization. I’ve always enjoyed him and was not disappointed. It took me two nights to watch this because, well I was busy. Last night I was painting boards for the basement and tonight I was socializing with some of my coworkers…fine my manager had a Pampered Chef party. Whatever.

As I watched the movie tonight, though, I started working on a paper collage. I’m going to be layering 5 master sheets on top of one another to make a nativity scene. For the background of the sky I decided to rip up pieces of paper and mod-podge them on. Not sure if I like the effect. I didn’t want to do teeny tiny pieces but I think that’s what I’ll have to do to get the look ‘right’. We’ll see though. I’ll keep at it with the other sheets using various media (paint, watercolor, and perhaps even oil crayon) and maybe revisit that piece of paper. It’s nowhere near completion, but the next two days are fairly open, just decorating the house and a nativity scene will definitely be part of the decoration.

Until next time

~ Q

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