35 Days of Celebration: 10

35 Days of Celebration: Day 10I Today was they day I planned to get my house all Christmas-fied. Although it is a tad more Christmasy I’m not sure if I’ll go all out or not. It was a bit too cold for me to want to put up my outdoor lights.

Memo to self: be the neighbor that has lights up all year round, perhaps even on.

I then thought I’d put the lights up in the house, which I’m not above doing, I just couldn’t decide which room and ultimately it became too much to think about. Instead I started spackling the basement boards and picked out family room paint. Not too shabby progress.

DecorationsLike I said, I did get some things up. The main thing is still the tree, but I didn’t make room on the mantel for my new craft nativity scene. I also added a string of ornaments below the mantel. Found one of my old Christmas posters from last year and swapped out the quote that has been in that frame. Oh, and candy cane vases. Those are an interactive decoration. In that, hopefully, people will eat them.

I’m thinking I’ll do more as the the weekend/week progresses, especially with the mantel. Looking at what I did last year I may swap out the billiard balls on the mantle for some ornaments, we’ll see. I’m thinking this year is an off year. I’m spending a lot of time refinishing the basement, or I should be. Don’t want to divide the focus too much. Considering I’m reading like a fiend the decorating and baking have taken back seat. However, I’m still in the spirit as I work! Blasted Bing Crosby’s Christmas album while I worked in the basement. You can’t deny the crooner.

Until next time

~ Q

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