Thirty Day Challenge: Day Sixteen

Day Sixteen: Something You Always Think “What If…” About

What if I moved abroad. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been fascinated by various languages, people and places. A few years back I found an apprenticeship in either Ireland or Scotland (I am aware there is a huge difference but I honestly can’t recall) for web design. I was fantasizing what it would like to apply and get that internship. But that was all it was, a fantasy. Instead I stumbled across a job close to home. Not applying was the best choice I could have made (ignore the fact I never would have been chosen). I love my job and it has given me the unique opportunity to explore my other interests as well. I’m making a living doing what I love (and went to school for – bonus!) as well as participating in theater, volunteering in the community, vacationing with family and friends. I do not regret not applying. However that non-followed path just represents the what if of moving abroad much more concretely than anything else. That what if would have been a logical way for me to peruse that particular dream. However that’s not where my life ended up being, so I try not to think of the what ifs too much. If things were suppose to go that way, they would have. A person could go mad analyzing and reanalyzing every single little thing.

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.Albus Dumbledore

Until next time

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