Thirty Day Challenge: Day Seventeen

Day Seventeen: Something That You’re Proud Of

I’m proud of my independence, or rather my self-sufficient nature. Actually, neither of those feel like the right sentiment. I’m proud for taking a risk. This year I did something that that was unprecedented in my family. I bought a house. Now you may be thinking, “Big deal, people by houses all the time.” Keyword: people. Thinking it through, my mom was married before she could even toast her own marriage and my grandmother definitely wouldn’t have considered buying a house on her own. Not because she couldn’t manage it, she raised three kids under the age of three, she could manage/do anything. It was just very much beyond the social norm. So, I guess I’m proud of myself for taking the risk. Taking on such a huge responsibility, that is usually shared between two people at least, and accepting it as my own.

When I was making the decision did these things occur to me, ever? Of course not. However, as I do the day-to-day stuff, like this morning when I woke up at 5:30 so I could shovel the drive way without being late to work, it hits home a little bit more. I am crazy. Oh wait, no, not that, I am independent – a trail blazer. Not in anyway that will matter to anyone else, but that’s not the point. The point is that for once, I didn’t let social conventions or fear dictate my decisions. I took, and am taking, a giant risk and so far, so far it’s working out.

Now, lest you get the fool hardy notion, that this post is somewhat suggesting, I have not been alone on this crusade. My parents, who live about ten minutes away, and their support have been a major factor in why I have succeeded. They come over on average once a week to help me finish my basement, a project I could never have done on my own (we’re doing most of the work ourselves). Also, as I mentioned in another post, they came over Sunday to help me shovel that particular storm, making the usual hour-long endeavor only about 20 minutes. So, although I may be the only name on the deed, this isn’t really a solo mission. I have plenty of support in the wings and that is a major comfort.

Anything’s possible, if you’ve got enough nerve.J.K. Rowling


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