Light at Night

I don’t know why, but some time ago I developed this thing about turning off the light before going to sleep. Not every night, just often enough for me to notice. It’s like I want to stay in the moment as long as possible. I’m not afraid of the dark or anything. I just like the light. I’ve been dozing, sometimes for 10-20 minutes just enjoying the amber glow through my eyelids. Between reading and sleep. No work, no people, no pets, no noise, just me. Just a little serenity. Eventually logic re-awakens and I convince myself that I need to turn off the light and get some proper sleep. So I swap peaceful serenity for unpredictable dreams. Timelessness for a countdown to dawn. Stillness for tossing and turning. But for a moment yet, I can put it off, and doze a bit longer.


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