Week Seven of Summer

GroupIt has been a fabulous week. One of my high school friends got married this weekend. Besides the wonderfulness that is celebrating his marriage, it was also fantastic to have a mini reunion with some of my old friends. Some of them I hadn’t seen in years (looking at you Boone) so it was nice to be able to catch up with them. I quickly realized how out of touch I had become with some of them, which was quite terrible of myself. I am often the one that has to initiate (The main reason some of us get together once a year is because I insist on having a quick Christmas holiday party while they are in town visiting their respective familes. That’s the duty of the one friend that stays close to home, right?) and I had failed to do so with a couple of them . Shame on me, I will have to try and do better.

What is so fun about seeing each other at this point in time is just how different all of our lives are. Some of us are still in school (working on masters, PhDs etc), some are married, oWeek Seven Sketchesne has a kid (ADORABLE!!), many are doing the 9-5 thing and all of us are trying to figure out this whole ‘being an adult’ thing. Well I say all but some of them seem to have it down pat. I think what is so great about seeing one another this far from high school / college is that we get to reconnect and meet the people we’ve grown into. Although the groom came over later in the evening while we were having some sort of discussion and he did point out how somethings never change. One guy was being very passionate about sports while me and another girl were having our own discussion since we couldn’t care less. Time will not change that. As a bonus a handful of teachers were at the wedding so it was nice to be able to catch up with them as well.

SushiThe day before the wedding I decided to go out to eat by myself. I do a lot of things on my own, that isn’t normally one of them. I had the idea to grab some sushi after my errands (had to run to another town after work to return some basement flooring options). Knowing that when I left for the day was great, I was looking forward to it. I didn’t quite think it all the way through though because I had broken my ‘always bring a book’ rule thinking I had one on my phone. I did not. Luckily I did have my sketch book so that killed some time. However I felt a bit self conscious coloring while I waited for my sushi because A) I was seated at the sushi bar which was a high traffic area and B) the counter was itty bitty and my little 8″ journal took up most of the ledge. Next time I will bring my book. Then it’s just a non issue. I can be in Narnia while people walk about me. Or I can be in the Great Hall with Hermione while I eat too. Live and Learn. Also, I love sushi and this will not be a one time thing.

OBanana Splitn Thursday (yup, going in reverse order) my volleyball team played again. To celebrate another great week I decided to make myself a banana split. I’ve never really been a banana split person, and although l like bananas I don’t think I’ll become one. There is just something odd about it. I liked it, but wont go out of my way to repeat it. I’m just fine with topping it with raspberries instead. (I did break from the traditional pineapple and strawberries and used raspberries and blackberries – but otherwise the whip cream, chocolate and cherry was the same).

Until next time

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Summer 2014

  1. Nap in a Hammock
  2. Have a Bonfire
  3. Play Sand Volleyball
  4. Visit an Iowa Winery
  5. Go to the Zoo
  6. Eat Sushi
  7. Go Stargazing
  8. Christmas in June
  9. Rainy Day Picnic
  10. Make a Summer Soundtrack
  11. Visit a Bed & Breakfast
  12. Ride a Carousel
  13. Go Camping
  14. Watch a Baseball Game
  15. Harry Potter Non-Stop Movie Marathon
  16. Radio Silence (no music, tv, computer or phone for 24 hours)
  17. Watch a Movie Outside
  18. Go Roller Blading
  19. Go to a Concert
  20. Go Wading
  21. Go Bowling
  22. Make Caramel Apples
  23. Meal Over a Fire
  24. Launch a Firecracker
  25. Urban Exploration
  26. Have a BBQ
  27. Make a Quilt (started)
  28. Blow Bubbles on the Porch
  29. Play Bocce Ball
  30. Go People Watching
  31. Fill the Tank & Drive
  32. Make Wind Chimes
  33. Draw a Landscape
  34. Go Berry Picking
  35. Take a Weekend Trip Alone
  36. Paint a Canvas
  37. Do Yoga
  38. Make a Meal using only Farmer’s Market Food
  39. Spend the Afternoon on a Riverbank
  40. Watch a Sunrise
  41. Attend a Street Market
  42. Listen to Rock Music from a different country
  43. Picnic in the Park
  44. Start a Wish Tree
  45. See a Drive-In Movie
  46. Make Sangria
  47. Go for a Hike
  48. Go to a Fair
  49. Make a Banana Split
  50. Sketch Everyday
  51. Give to Others (donate old clothes to charity)

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