Week Eleven of Summer

Drawings 11 The eleventh week of summer was an odd one, full of intentions that didn’t go quite to plan. My parent’s were gone on vacation and I was left in charge of their plants. Now I am not the most faithful at watering plants so I was a wee bit concerned. Luckily it all worked out and I managed to keep them and their cat alive – hooray!

Drive-InOutside of family ‘duties’ I had made several plans, some of which that didn’t quite work out. On Thursday I had planned to go to a Drive-In movie (Guardians of the Galaxy) with my friends. Mother Nature had other plans. The week started with rain and kept up on Thursday. So rather than sit in our car and watch it through windshield wipers we, being a flexible bunch, altered our plans. Instead we went to an Irish pub for dinner and went to the theater to watch it. (Clearly NOT seeing the movie was no longer an option. We were all rather excited to see it). It was awesome. I recommend it.

HikeI had the day off on Friday so I continued leisurely working on the basement. I FINALLY completed muddying and sanding the last of the drywall. (Hint – this is very very exciting.) I also got said room primed. What what! Work continued on Saturday when I painted the stairwell. After so much productivity I decided to pack up and go for a hike. It did not go quite to plan either. I made it about 1/2-3/4 of a mile in before the mosquitoes got too bad and I had to turn around. They’re wicked little blood suckers. I think I’ll postpone that hike until the fall when the they’ve gone for the season.

ConcertSunday rolls around, the day that I had planned to go to an outdoor concert. I was kind of excited to see Ingrid Michaelson but earlier in the week I discovered the concert was cancelled. Presumably because of the rain (I’m guessing that don’t blend well with an outdoor venue). So the plans for the day rather cleared up. I was feeling rather productive when I woke up so I went ahead and got the bedroom painted. So all in all, despite the week not going to plan it was still quite lovely.

Until next time

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Summer 2014

  1. Nap in a Hammock
  2. Have a Bonfire
  3. Play Sand Volleyball
  4. Visit an Iowa Winery
  5. Go to the Zoo
  6. Eat Sushi
  7. Go Stargazing
  8. Christmas in June
  9. Rainy Day Picnic
  10. Make a Summer Soundtrack
  11. Visit a Bed & Breakfast
  12. Ride a Carousel
  13. Go Camping
  14. Watch a Baseball Game
  15. Harry Potter Non-Stop Movie Marathon
  16. Radio Silence (no music, tv, computer or phone for 24 hours)
  17. Watch a Movie Outside
  18. Go Roller Blading
  19. Go to a Concert
  20. Go Wading
  21. Go Bowling
  22. Make Caramel Apples
  23. Meal Over a Fire
  24. Launch a Firecracker
  25. Urban Exploration
  26. Have a BBQ
  27. Make a Quilt (started)
  28. Blow Bubbles on the Porch
  29. Play Bocce Ball
  30. Go People Watching
  31. Fill the Tank & Drive
  32. Make Wind Chimes
  33. Draw a Landscape
  34. Go Berry Picking
  35. Take a Weekend Trip Alone
  36. Paint a Canvas
  37. Do Yoga
  38. Make a Meal using only Farmer’s Market Food
  39. Spend the Afternoon on a Riverbank
  40. Watch a Sunrise
  41. Attend a Street Market
  42. Listen to Rock Music from a different country
  43. Picnic in the Park
  44. Start a Wish Tree
  45. See a Drive-In Movie
  46. Make Sangria
  47. Go for a Hike
  48. Go to a Fair
  49. Make a Banana Split
  50. Sketch Everyday
  51. Give to Others (donate old clothes to charity)

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