Music Appreciation

This may be a weird topic for me to write about considering how I sometimes wonder if I’m tone deaf but I can still appreciate it even if I can do it, right? Anyway, ever since I was a kid I’ve been around music. Anyone who knows my father knows his love of oldies and many a car ride was spent playing name that tune. True, I did my best to sleep as much as possible in the car so my oldies knowledge is not as complete as my sisters’, I still picked up a few things.

My personal preferences for music are all over the board, usually some form of pop (pop indie, pop folk, pop pop etc) is playing on my spotify, but not always. My main rule about music is I have to be able to understand the words, so usually Heavy Metal and Rap are struck. Besides that, if I hear it and like it I keep it, doesn’t matter the genre. A few years ago I got Spotify and since then I’ve been making monthly mixes (that then get thrown into a yearly mix). It’s fun to go back and listen to the mixes from earlier in the year, or even years pasts. I enjoy re-listening and hearing that some songs show up over and over again through the months and years. So be on the look out for those monthly posts (and some throwbacks to share previous months/years) if you’re interested in what I’m listening to.

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