LOEB (late entry): Cowboys

There are several things that come to mind when given ‘cowboys’.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for starters.

“Boy, I got vision, and the rest of the world wears bifocals.” I haven’t seen this movie since I was a kid, and that’s a shame because these two actors are brilliant, especially when paired together (for further example watch The Sting). Who can forget the iconic cliff jump that the two endure together?


This is a show that was introduced to me last year when I was randomly channel surfing for bearable cartoons one Saturday morning (no offense Yu-Gi-Oh! just not my cup of tea) and fell in love with it’s ridiculousness. I too wish I had the powers of Hawk Wolf Puma and Bear. Also, a talking horse that could randomly walk upright. That’d be something to see.


“Well, they tell ya, ‘Never hit a man with a closed fist.’ But it is, on occasion, hilarious.” Continuing with space cowboys, I loved Joss Whedon’s firefly. I was quite sad (like so many others) when it was discontinued after one season. Whedon’s ability to develop endearingly flawed and believable characters for so many different stories is amazing. Also probably why he is doing what he does.

Wayne_EastwoodOf course no cowboy post would be complete with out these two: John Wayne and Clint Eastwood. Like Cassidy & Sundance I haven’t seen their movies since I was a kid, but the echos of their coarse voices and manly ways still exist in the back of my memory. They were a man’s man, and quintessential examples of cowboys. Both back in the day and today. These two can never be replaced (which is why the remade True Grit, although good, will never overtake the original).

Wrapping up with one last memory: Paladin or Have Gun Will Travel. I’ve mentioned before that my dad had old time radio tapes. These were broadcasts from the 40s (as evident by the commercials advertising for people to buy war bonds or that the presentation ‘will be transmitted to our men and women overseas by shortwave’) and have endured the test of time. 40 years later and I, as a kindergartner and younger, was listening to the tales of the Gunslinger Paladin. A California based cowboy who would go out in the country side doing good on his terms (you can check it out on the Old Time Radion Network: http://www.otr.net/?p=hgwt).

That’s it, gut reactions to the given ‘cowboys’. There were lots of fantastic entries from the league. For the complete list check out the main wrap-up post here, some of my particular favorites were ShezCrafti, Rediscover the 80s, Flashlights are Something to Eat, and Goodwill Hunting 4 Geeks (purely for a Twinkie dressed up as a cowboy).


LOEB: Something wicked this way comes?

It’s that time again and this week’s prompt is exactly what I’ve been thinking about! Remember when Halloween was a big deal? I mean, a BIG deal? What was the most legendary costume you ever wore? What would you dress up as this year?

I don’t know if I ever had a really legendary costume so instead I’ll talk about one of my more memorable trick-or-treat nights. First you should know, growing up we had a rule in our house. It was pretty simple, you had to keep your hair out of your face. If you couldn’t handle sitting and getting it pulled back into braids, ponytails or keep a headband in, you had to have it short. My head pain tolerance was pretty much zero, as was my oldest sister’s. My middle sister however could have her hair practically ripped out and not bat an eye. She, of course, blames (or attributes) it to yours truly. I guess I use to pull it as a baby. Whatever. The result? She was the only one with long hair growing up. I didn’t mind so much. Short hair was just easier, and a lot cooler. However there is nothing so gross as the feeling of your bangs sweating together and sticking to your forehead, but that wasn’t an everyday thing. Usually just when I was running around pretending I was a ninja turtle.

So cut to first (or second perhaps) grade. I’m trying to decide what to be for Halloween. I loved playing dress up and for some reason we had an old cheerleader uniform from the school where my father was principal (raffle or some tosh). It seems like the perfect idea. So I’m all excited and get my skirt on and head out to meet up with the younger sister of one of my sister’s friends. She had decided to dress up as a cowboy. She had her long curly hair pulled back in a pony so it sticks out the back of her hat, but she didn’t seem to mind. We went to a few houses and after about fifteen minutes when went up to a house. The door was opened by a kind little old lady. She looked us over and proclaimed ‘Oh, they swapped! How cute.” It took us a few beats to figure it out (we of course kept our smiles on our face despite the confusion). The ‘nice’ old lady thought the little cowboy and cheerleader had cross-dressed for Halloween. It would still be a few more times of being called a boy before I would ultimately decide to grow my hair out longer. It’s not my fault adolescents look androgynous, it’s a fact of biology.

Now, the second part of this prompt is much more difficult. I, for whatever reason, love Halloween. Perhaps it’s because I’ve never actually taken full advantage of the holiday. As I’ve already said I loved dressing up as a kid. To this day I wear a crown when cleaning (I blame Mary Poppins. In every job that needs to be done, one can find an element of fun. – something like that anyway). My oldest sister will be dressing up as RainbowBrite and the Color Kids. I’m mega jealous I didn’t think of that first. Me and my friends, meanwhile, are brainstorming our group costume for a Halloween fundraiser going on in my town (of course). I was originally pulling for The Avengers because I really wanted to go as Hulk. My outfit would have been awesome. I would have done the whole green thing but for the bottom half I think I would have pulled out a green tulle tutu. Completing the outfit would have been the giant gloves. I would have had SO much fun in that. But my friend, ever the voice of reason, pointed out eating and drinking with the gloves would not have ended well. Now we’re looking at doing the whole Alice in Wonderland thing. I just need to figure out if my middle sister is coming or not. If she is we’re gonna rock the Tweedle Dee/Tweedle Dum look. If she isn’t I’m teetering between being

  1. White Rabbit and wearing an obnoxious amount of clocks/watches
  2. The Queen of Hearts (there needs to be one since another in my group is being Alice). I’d make a tulle tutu for this one too. I think I just really want to make a tutu. That should pass, my hips are wide enough.
  3. The Cheshire Cat. I’d want to do crazy face makeup. Like extending my mouth to grin all the way to my ears. That would be fun, creepy, and lots of fun to take off at 2 in the morning.

If my group dress falls through I’m going to rock a look like this, inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. Again, that too would be super fun to clean up at night’s end. Then there is the wig issue and I’d never be able to make it look good and so it’d just be sad. Maybe someday but probably not this year.

That’s it, those are my ideas. I have three weeks to decide. Then there is trick-or-treating at my office too (on another day) so I may get to dress up as two different things! I’ll be sure to post the results later in the month.

Curious as to what other members are doing? Well not everyone has responded to the prompt yet but so far we know that Monster Cafe would catch you in his net and the man who stares at toys is gets really punny – which I always appreciate. Our own Cool and Collected pays tribute to Firefly – a costume after my own heart. There is also a ninja, which would just be way to much fun on Halloween (or all saint’s day).

Coming soon – weekend updates and audiobook reviews (I’m so behind, but I’ve been out doing things to write about. Vicious cycle) ~ Q