The Life of a Graphic Designer; or a font nerd. Or just a quick ramble.

Right now I’m working on a logo design for a client-thanks Katlin! However it doesn’t matter the project, the best (and worse) part is picking the font. There are just so many choices! Inevitably you think you have found the ‘perfect’ one and then you scroll through and find that the fi ligature is atrocious (or some tosh like that). However the bit about the logo design (especially if it’s a type based logo) is you really have to look at the letter relationships closely. Does the tail on the R have too much personality, curling too little or not enough? Do the bowls and counters distract from the word? Is the weight of the fonts equal (if combining more than one)? Are they too heavy to properly portray this company? Yes, too many thoughts to put into words at present, but it’s never as easy as ‘slapping on some words’.

Sweet Sixteen [Daily Prompt]

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

I was patiently waiting to turn sixteen. That was really the most important milestone birthday for me. Forget 21 when you can drink legally (didn’t even have a shot on that birthday), like-wise 18 when you can get tattoos or smoke (ditto on the 21, didn’t do either). No, for me 16 was when I could finally drive and since I was on the older side of the bell curve of ages for my friends it was important. With that to look forward to I didn’t think too much about what my future would look like.

As a sophomore (once I actually was sixteen) I was drawn to the more creative extra-curriculars, no basketball practice for this girl. Instead I was swept up into the fine arts and called them home.  Although I have always been thoroughly routed in the present (when I daydream it tends to be more fanciful things, not about the future), I think my sophomore year was the year I envisioned myself being a writer. Not totally surprising since that was the year I had composition. All I could really hope for my future was to continue to be creative and do that with my friends by my side.

Fast forward to today:I am in a creative field where I get to create new things everyday, and although we are hundreds of miles apart my gal pals are still there. So although I’m not a writer I couldn’t be happier in my field. Perhaps the only reason I didn’t envision myself as a designer was because I didn’t even know my field existed. We often can’t imagine the best things for ourselves, it can only be found/realized though time and experience.

Teacher’s Pet

Tell us about a teacher who had a real impact on your life, either for the better or the worse. How is your life different today because of him or her?

I can honestly say I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t been for my art teacher Mrs. Schloerke. Going into my sophomore year of high school I had no clue what a graphic designer was, thanks to her guidance I was able to explore that avenue of art. I knew I wanted a creative field as a career path, but I wasn’t quite savvy enough to be any kind of ‘official’ artist. My drawings, although good for me, would never pay the bills.

A series of watercolored canvases I made for my friend for her 3rd grade class room.

A series of watercolored canvases I made for my friend for her 3rd grade class room.

My teacher started talking to me about graphic design. That year I went and job shadowed at a local design firm and fell in love. The following year I took our graphic design class and yearbook. Senior year I contracted a graphic design 2 class and was editor of the yearbook. I graduated and was accepted into the design school at the local university. After a brief panic attack during freshmen year I was accepted into the graphic design program. The rest, as they say is history.

Ever since she mentioned the existence of the job everything just fell into place. If she hadn’t have told me about it, I have no idea what I’d be doing today. Maybe following in her steps and teaching. That was an avenue I considered for many years. Luckily, since I’m terrible at spelling and should not be around the youths of America with it, she lead me here instead.

Art from the Archives: k+n ligature

I’ve been scanning through some of my old…what to call them…projects I suppose. Except these were things I did on my own time and done relatively quickly (in that I didn’t spend days perfecting the details.

Here is one such project. In school we did an official project where we had to create an ampersand using two different fonts that looked like it could belong in either font. (As well as making a type specimen poster and other items.) I really enjoyed the project because you had to find away to work within the rules of the font all the while breaking them to create something new.

In that same vein every now and then I experiment with that type of project. Here is a result of one day’s exploration. A ligature for when a k and a n are right by each other. I really wanted it to be exclusive to when the k is silent, so i guess that would make it more of it’s own letter. Like the che (ch) in Spanish, which i believe has been made obsolete and taken out of the alphabet, choosing instead to just us a c and an h. Anyway, this one only uses one font family, instead combining the rules of a k and n.

Until next time~Q