Movie Double Feature: Scream & The Corpse Bride

As promised a Halloween countdown double feature. Day 1: The Scream Bride

Scream is your typical slasher flick. Unknown assailant terrorizing a person/small group that usually turns out to be closely connected to the group. In this case *spoiler* the two boyfriends. The thing about this movie that always gets me is the fact that Drew Barrymore is up front and very prominent in the poster and she is one of the first to die (making her not be in the movie very long). Where Rose McGowan makes it about 2/3 through and isn’t even mentioned on the poster. Oh well, put the names up that will draw the crowds, right? (Like Tim Curry being on the Alice miniseries cover when he’s in it for seriously 5 minutes. That’s cool I like Curry, and Barrymore for that matter)

Corpse Bride is your typical Burton flick. Johnny Depp, Helena Carter, Danny Elfman (who is one of my favorite composers) with a dash of Christopher Lee. I say this but I do enjoy it. I’m always amazed they could get the severely proportioned figures to work. Victor’s legs (if they were using the type of clay we used in elementary school) wouldn’t even roll out that consistently, let alone hold up to the task of being bent a lot. I also like something about how the characters became more colorful after death…there’s something to that.

Both movies are good picks for the haunting season. Scream has that scare element people seem to crave during Halloween, and the trilogy is a staple in the genre. Corpse Bride has the costuming and visuals that make the holiday so fun.

Until tomorrow ~ Q

During Movie Thoughts:

  • Poor Steve, he really didn’t do anything
  • why, Why, WHY are girls in scary movies so dumb
  • Wow, look at Gail’s suit
  • Only in a movie would that many upperclassmen ride the bus
  • Oh 90s where have you gone? Belly shirts…VHS…a kid having a ‘cellular’ telephone is questionable
  • I am not entirely certain that the garage door would be able to lift/kill a girl.
  • ‘[Life] is all just one big movie’…very insightful Billy
  • ‘we prefer the term psychotic’
  • ‘movies make psychos more creative’
  • the cracking neck movement is creepy in a movie…always
  • Stu and Billy falling apart at the end is possibly the best part of the movie
  • ‘did you really call the police…my parents are going to be so mad at me’
  • really? you have enough time to find/change into creepy mask and call the police you were out of sight for about a minute

Corpse Bride

  • It began with a butterfly
  • Wear do I go to school to make awesome claymation sculptures?
  • What it must be like to have such an unsupportive mother (either of them)? It would be horrible
  • I should make myself some calling cards. I shall hand them out when I arrive places
  • Stuff it Lord Barkis, he’s an awkward musician, of course he is a catch
  • If I ever leave Story City it will be to a place where there is a town crier….and then I will promptly steal said persons job…or become their apprentice. ‘Fishy fiance could be canned’ gold
  • Who do I talk to about changing my life story into a catchy song?
  • Ukrainian Haunting Spell….can that take me on a quick trip anywhere? I’d be interested in something like that – hello afternoon in Athens. Where do I get one of those spell egg laying birds?
  • I wouldn’t mind spiders nearly as much if they did all my sewing
  • It ended with a butterfly