35 Days of Celebration: 06

35 Days6Tonight I tried to assemble and decorate a gingerbread house. Keyword: tried. I purchased a kit from Target because it looked like a laugh. When I opened it I saw that half the pieces were broken into two at least, and some were in more than that. Now I enjoy a challenge as much as the next person, so of course I kept going. I tacked together the roof pieces and started assembling the walls. Then my frosting was punctured and it got a whole lot harder. Again, I kept going. Finishing the walls I prepared to add the roof. Gingerbread HouseFor a few moments I thought I had it. Then the worst occurred and the roof gave way. Oh well, that’s the way the cookie crumbles. For the best, I suppose. I really didn’t need those sweets lying about and it was a laugh. Fun while it lasted. Perhaps I’ll try again on another night, but use graham crackers. Those will be a little easier to manage I think.

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~ Q

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Pinspired Project: ‘Fancy’ Mason Jars

Although you can find this project most anywhere these days I followed the particulars (almost) from the Thirty Handmade Days blog for creating a fancy mason jar. (Also called redneck wine glasses and many other things.) While I was shopping about for the materials I decided I didn’t want to do a mason jar, mainly because 1: I didn’t have a particular need for an elevated mason jar and 2: the glass tones of the mason jars and candlesticks didn’t match. The clashing really urked me so I decided to use a simple clear jar instead.Glass I found a super cute and simple one at Hobby Lobby and set to work.

I very carefully spread the glue onto the edge of the candlestick and let it set for a moment. (I had actually read the glue instructions, perhaps a first for me.) Then I centered the stick on the glass as best I could and let it set. After a couple hours I decided I was going to hit the sack. The glue had said to let the glue to dry for twenty-four hours, for some reason after two I figured it would be a good idea to add weight to the glass. Just to make sure that there was pressure on it. I grabbed my two biggest books (Art & Architecture book on Rome and my Visual History of Graphic Design). I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and heard a crash. I returned to the living room to find the books on the floor and this on the table. BrokenGlass

Yep, I did not take into account that these things were still GLASS and therefore highly breakable. We didn’t really have glass around growing up knowing we wouldn’t have any glasses left. Perhaps that makes me forget that it isn’t an indestructible material. As you can see I forced this project to fail. It probably would have been just fine if I had left it, but no. I had to go and put those heavy books on them. Oh well, in hind sight I didn’t really need an elevated jar anyway. However of the two pieces I wish the candlestick would have broken, it was a super cute jar. I may need to replace it…and get a second candlestick because having just one seems weird.

Carrot Ravioli – fav or fail?

Last week I made ravioli. It’s a mixed bag on whether or not it was a fail. I started making everything on Tuesday. I decided since I had a ton of carrots to make carrot ravioli as well as sweet potato. I didn’t take into account that I’d have to bake/boil everything to get it to mashing consistency. By the time I got both fillings mashed and mixed with ricotta and cheese and the carrot ravioli stuffed it was too late to cook to eat that night. I didn’t even bother with the sweet potato. Instead I put everything in the fridge and called it a night. A bit of a mistake. The next evening after I stuffed the sweet potato ravioli I decided to freeze them since I had a ton of carrot ravioli. So I put the potato in the freezer and took out the carrot from the fridge. I flipped the container and out splatted a blob of mess.

Slice 1 = mashed carrot
Slice 2 = mashed sweet potato
Slice 3 = carrot concoction

Slice 4 = potato mixture
Slice 5 = carrot ravioli
Slice 6 = sweet potato ravioli

Slice 7 = wrapped ravioli
Slice 8 = sweet potato finished (left) & carrot finished (right blob)

Perhaps now I should mention that I didn’t make the ravioli part, just the filling. Instead I used won ton wrappers. I’ve done this before but when I did I also cooked them all immediately and it worked out fine. Part of the reason I like won ton wrappers is that they are the right size and with a pinch of water seal really well. If only I had thought that through.When I put everything in the fridge I didn’t account for the fact that it would acquire moisture in the container. Therefore when I returned the next day all the wrappers and adhered to one another as well. Awesome.

I ended up cooking the giant blob and taking a chunk off for supper. (Photo above) I decided to have it with some Cabernet Sauvignon wine. I think I’m more of a white wine girl (unless its sangria) because I nearly choked when I tried this, it was so dry! To be fair, I’m not good at pairing but I did try this before I started the meal so I don’t think the flavor was muddied by the food. It just wasn’t enhanced or complimented. I wonder what type of wine I am actually prone to…perhaps I should make a real effort to try different kinds.

The ravioli was quite tasty, unique, even. However leftover ‘unique’ isn’t my favorite. Perhaps carrot is an acquired taste, or shouldn’t be used as the sole type of filling for a meal. There are so many ‘what ifs’ for why it might not have tasted super awesome as a left over I can’t even begin. I don’t think I’ll necessarily be making carrot ravioli again. Sweet potato yes, carrot though, eh. I’ve already had some of the sweet potato and it was good (still have some frozen in the freezer which is nice). I think I may have to experiment with other types of filling and shells. Like using actual pasta not won ton wrappers. We’ll see.

Recipe* (In case you wanted it)

1 cup ricotta
1 cup carrot
egg yolk
dash of basil

Sweet Potato
1 cup potato
1/2 cup Italian cheese
1/2 cup ricotta
egg yolk
dash of cayenne pepper

28-30 won ton wrappers/filling (60 for both)

*I can’t remember the exact recipe. I was using an existing recipe as more of a ‘vague suggestion’ and didn’t write down what I ended up doing. I think this is close though.

So until next time~Q