Quick Post: Beef Pita

You’d think I would have had time to watch a movie or finish a book to review since I had the day off yesterday, but alas no, that was not the case. I actually decided to go to work anyway and log in a few extra hours since I’ll be taking a week off mid-July. So a quick post will have to do. I didn’t eat this yesterday, this is just a late post from when I had all that ground beef. The final left-over I suppose is the best way to categorize it. Except the only thing leftover was the ground beef. Moving on. I chopped up some potatoes and baked those, then grabbed some broccoli (frozen) and popped it in the microwave to cook. Besides having to wait forever for the potatoes to cook, instant supper. Topped off with the always present in my fridge Kool aid. Until next time ~ Q


Quick Post: Beef Burrito

This is a week late but last Wednesday for “I can cook on the fly” was a beef burrito. What began as me deciding to cook some ground beef turned into  this concoction. All that was needed were some veggies, rice, and of course cheese. At the time I didn’t consider what I’d use with a pound of ground beef but it was quite versatile. I had it in burritos, pita pockets and even the egg bake I posted the other day. So yes, a very useful thing to have in the kitchen. Hence I already have another pound in the freezer for a rainy day. Until next time ~ Q

Quick Post: Egg Bake

What to do when you have roughly half a cup of cooked ground beef, a couple eggs that ‘expire’ today and bread? Throw it together and bake it of course. That’s what happened for breakfast today. I mixed up the eggs, added some cheese and the beef, then set aside. I placed two slices of bread into an oven safe dish (having already preheated the oven to 350) and then covered with the egg mixture. I believe I cooked it for about 10-15 minutes, just play it by ear though, depending on how compressed everything is. My ingredients were fairly spread out in the dish so it didn’t take too long to cook. Topped with salsa and presto –  delicious breakfast. Served with ice tea adds the cherry on top.

Until next time ~ Q