The Sight of Nothingness

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.

I live in a small town, one that in the winter at seven in the morning isn’t out and about. However that isn’t a truly fair assessment because A) I’m obviously staying inside and B) my window overlooks an alley way and I’m quite comfortable with people not treating it like grand central station. What I did observe in the predawn darkness was potential. My building is taller than the one next to us, however the one next to us is only about three to four feet lower than my window, making it feasible for me to access through my window. How fun would it be (for me) to be able to look out my window and rather than seeing the graffiti (the word walrus for whatever reason) I would get to see a mini roof-top garden. As I looked out today and only observed a few pipes and something that looked like an Imperial Soldier’s helmet I realized there are very few things standing in my way. Obviously I wouldn’t put a ton of stuff out there, since I have seen people walking up there. A couple planters in lieu of window boxes will do nicely though. Now to research what plants can survive full sun for eight hours as well as Iowa heat/humidity. What a fun challenge.


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Ah fall, the time of the year that my skin goes all komodo dragon on me, my hair can summon socks there is so much static, and I leave for the day in a sweater and wish for a tank by the afternoon. Yes, fall is here. Joking aside fall may just be my favorite time of year. I’m a sweatshirt and jeans girl and fall is the best time for those. If you wear them in summer you will definitely get looked at funny and it’s annoying wearing full on sweatshirts in winter because they are quite bulky or grabby when layering with a winter coat. No no, fall is the time for me. Despite all the shortcomings (read the first sentence again if you’ve forgotten) they can be easily overcome: lotion, hairspray, layers. Why do I love fall so much? Everything starts back up.

The performing arts series have started back up, town activities are in full swing. I’ve already written about the Story festival, now tonight there are business tours, this weekened there is a halloween party, and then I’m in charge of trick-or-treating downtown. I’m really excited for that event, it’s the first time we’ve done it in town and so far it sounds like it will be a hit. Especially because even if the weather is bad it’s the most sensical place for people to still go. A lot of the businesses are participating so even if its really cold you can go to a lot of different places in a short amount of space. Lot’s of bang for your buck, in the kids’ eyes (and it’s free to boot). Things just happen in fall. Perhaps it’s the knowledge that after vacationing all summer one only has about two months (or so) before the ground is overcome with snow that urges things to be crammed in to the best season.

There is also the crispness in the air, the crunching of leaves underfoot and all the homey food. Fall is the best food season, with the finally (Thanksgiving) at the end. Think about it, there are apple pies, apple cider, squash, pumpkin pie and more. Its the harvest season so everything is fresh. Also the color palette isn’t to shabby. The greens fade to yellow, orange and red while still being set off by a brilliant blue sky. I was taking a drive last week and looked out at the golden fields against the blue sky and green trees and the phrase ‘Is this heaven? No it’s Iowa’ popped into my head and it’s so true. So get out and enjoy the season, it’s halfway gone already and winter is coming.

Ciao ~ Q