Quick Post: Beef Pita

You’d think I would have had time to watch a movie or finish a book to review since I had the day off yesterday, but alas no, that was not the case. I actually decided to go to work anyway and log in a few extra hours since I’ll be taking a week off mid-July. So a quick post will have to do. I didn’t eat this yesterday, this is just a late post from when I had all that ground beef. The final left-over I suppose is the best way to categorize it. Except the only thing leftover was the ground beef. Moving on. I chopped up some potatoes and baked those, then grabbed some broccoli (frozen) and popped it in the microwave to cook. Besides having to wait forever for the potatoes to cook, instant supper. Topped off with the always present in my fridge Kool aid. Until next time ~ Q


Quick Post: Cheese Quesadilla

There really isn’t much here. Just mozarella, italian and cheddar cheese all toasted to perfection while it cooked in a pan. Also I don’t know if you’ve seen them or not but Crystal Lite has these mocktinis and I really like the appletini one. Perhaps because it kind of tastes like a mild sour apple sucker I use to eat when I was a kid. Whatever the reason I have it stocked in my cupboard, along with kool aid and peach ice tea, which I have become a recent fan of. Until next time ~ Q