LOEB: A reality show staring you

This week’s prompt from the league: Television executives have determined that you lead an amazing life and have pegged you as the next big reality TV star. What’s the name and the premise of your show? Where to even begin? A title I suppose. Here are a few options:

  • Life of a Loser
  • The Gals
  • Making an Intro an Extra
  • Stars Hollow Redux

The breakdowns:

Life of a Loser – Would just be following me around all day. The camera would roll while I am at work, capturing all the sometimes unfortunate things that escape my lips. (Like last week’s gem of me telling a customer I’d shoot them rather than I’d shoot them an e-mail. Perhaps not the best customer service).

Then the action continues as I go home and pick up a book to read. 

If you can handle that stay tuned for when I then go to browse pinterest

I don’t know if the viewers could handle such excitement.

The Gals – I video chat with my 3 high school friends 2-4 times a month (sometimes biweekly is all we can manage). We were all involved in the arts (over athletics) in school which was a necessary foundation seeing where we are now. Cheryl lives in Texas and is an engineer, Jamie is a medical illustrator in Georgia, Allie lives in KC and is an elementary school teacher, and then there is me. I’m pretty much living where we all spent our childhood, holding down the fort as it were. Cheryl is obviously smart, but sometimes I just can’t understand what she is saying. So she has that going for her, she is also recently married.

Jamie is in grad school to become a medical illustrator and lives with her boyfriend.He hangs out in hospitals (where he works), she hangs out in cadaver labs (where she studies). It seemingly makes sense though.

Allie once posted “May I be as zany as Ms. Frizzle, as inspiring as Mary Poppins, and as nurturing as Miss Honey!” Considering she once dressed up as an ninja to get her kids to remember an acronym, I’d say she succeeded. She is actively dating and is a social person.

Finally there is me. If the first reality show synopsis didn’t show you what I’m about lets see if I can do it here: I’m a designer (and occasional blogger) who spends most of my time alone and through chance only hangs out with women, so no real dating prospects on the horizon. My manager jokes about how she wants to set me up, but she doesn’t know anyone in their mid-twenties so I have, thus far, dodged that bullet.

Making an Intro an Extra – A reality show where they would attempt to make me more social and try new things. Perhaps There could be silly weekly challenges. One week I’d have to host a dinner party worthy of Julia Child.

Then the next week it’s something completely different, snare setting with MacGyver. I bet that would be better to watch.

Stars Hollow Redux – When I tell people about the town where I now live they comment I more often then not get is ‘That sounds like Stars Hollow.’

For those of you who didn’t watch Gilmore Girls it centers around a pretend small town in Connecticut where this single mom raises her daughter. The town always has some festival or activity going on. That is kind of how my town is. Sadly we don’t have giant town meetings, but what we lack in that we make up for in committee meetings. There’s the EDC board, the GCC board,  the planning committee, the org committee, the promotions committee, PTO, school board and lots more. Some of these even have subcommittees so really, it’s obnoxious. The sad thing is that each committee probably average 8 people so you can’t get away with snarky asides. However it is easy to see various factions within the committees, so that makes up for it. Currently I’m involved with 2 (just finished serving on a special committee for RAGBRAI) and it takes up time. The nice thing about this show option is that you’d get a slice of the heartland and what life is like in small towns.

That’s it, those are my pitches.

Monster Cafe is primed to pimp out his business for the show, Dorkhorde will give you a penny for your thoughts, Primordial Badger is gonna kick it with some birds, and our very own Cool and Collected (host of The League) will be playing What’s in the Box.

Ciao ~ Q