Oscar Movie Watch: Update

Last May I wrote about how I was on a ‘mission’ to watch all the oscar best picture winners . I’m still doing it, even though I haven’t written about it in a while. Here is an update (again, I’m listing all the winners just for ease of understanding) with the new reviews having a picture next to them. The titles in bold are the movies I have seen.

  1. Wings
  2.  The Broadway Melody
  3. All Quiet on the Western Front
  4. Cimarron
  5. Grand Hotel
  6. Cavalcade
  7. It Happened One Night
  8. Mutiny on the Bounty
  9. The Great Ziegfeld
  10. The Life of Emile Zola
  11. You Can’t Take it With You
  12. Gone with the Wind
  13. Rebecca
  14. How Green Was my Valley
  15. Mrs MiniverMrs. Miniver I’m quite torn about this movie. It was slow and despite the fact that there was a war on the stakes didn’t seem very high. There was more conflict between a woman (Mrs. Miniver) and an old lady about a rose competition then there was about anything else. Which kills me mainly because this movie is so clearly a military propaganda piece. Or commercial might be the better term, it flat out advertises war bonds at the end of the film. I don’t know if I’ve seen movies from this year before or not but I think the fact that since it was during the war had a big emphasis on it winning. Perhaps I’m cynical though, if you take all the politics out of this review the only downside (in my eyes) to this movie was the lack of pacing. They couldn’t very well have the war hero coming home victorious since the war was still happening and that, perhaps, was the actual point.
  16. CasablancaCasablancaThis movie was a clear case of having unsubstantiated high expectations. I’ve always heard this is a phenomenal movie, and while I enjoyed it (who doesn’t like a good Humphrey Bogart flick) it wasn’t the blow out epic I was expecting. I find this is more and more true the more classics I see, like Breakfast at Tiffanys. I did really like the unexpected ally that appeared in the end (not going to spoil it if you haven’t seen it). I truly wasn’t expecting that person to put themselves out there so much, sure they had been helpful when they could be in the film, but that was a new level. In that regard, way to go script writer, you got me. 
  17. Going My WayGoing my way  – Oh Bing, what did you get yourself into? I saw both this and the sequel, The Bells of Saint Mary’s. Although the acting and everything was fine the stories themselves were very disjointed. The premise of these films is that Father O’Malley comes in to the various established systems (be it church or school) and shakes things up. However that wasn’t really shown. There would be one or two scenes at the beginning showing that O’Malley butt heads with the person in charge but then they both work to get along. Isn’t that just how it is when two personalities meet? Both movies had several story lines woven together, but some of them didn’t really seem to make sense, more so in Going my Way then in the Bells of Saint Mary’s. In that sense they got better as the continued the series. Anyway all that aside I did like this movie, especially when compared to some of the past winners I’ve watched. Would I watch it again? Not likely, but a little time with Bing is always enjoyable. That crooner just knows how to turn a musical phrase (yes there was singing in these movies).
  18. The Lost WeekendThe Lost Weekend Never again. Dislike doesn’t quite do my emotion toward this movie justice. It’s about a hardcore alcoholic who can’t kick the habit (despite the insistence/help from his brother and girlfriend. He decides to runaway/hide/is abandoned for the weekend which by the end of the long weekend nearly commits suicide. That really is all you need to know about this movie. Just don’t watch it, however if you have seen it and find some redeeming qualities please share them with me, perhaps I can be brought around. I think what annoys me the most is I can’t just outright hate it because I want to empathize or root for the main character. I want him to turn it around so he can have the good life he would otherwise have. However these feelings aren’t based in any good qualities the character actually exhibits.
  19. The Best Years of Our LivesThe Best Years of Our Lives Just finished this one and it was long and probably could be condensed but all in all I did like it. It was nice to have on while I multitasked. It was about three returning veterans from World War II. I did come to care about the three guys and to root for them to make it. It was interesting to see how they adjusted to civilian life. One was a successful banker who was put in charge of GI loan bills, however he seemed destined to always side with the vets despite it not being lucrative for the bank. A situation where the banks theory of having a returning solider be in charge of such things was good in theory, but in practice perhaps not the best idea. The second guy, who had really excelled in the air force, was in experienced in working practices and fell into his old job which was better suited for a younger person (he was a soda jerk, so I guess it’d be like having a job typically held by a high school/college kid). He was having issues with that, add to that a wife he met and married right before he left and he had a recipe for disaster on his hands. The third guy and had both of his hands amputated in the war and was adjusting to life with hooks, a difficult task indeed.
  20. Gentleman’s Agreement
  21. Hamlet
  22. All the King’s Men
  23. All about Eve
  24. An American in Paris
  25. The Greatest Show on Earth
  26. From Here to Eternity
  27. On the Waterfront
  28. Marty
  29. Around the World in 80 days
  30. The bridge on the river Kwai
  31. Gigi
  32. Ben-Hur
  33. The Apartmentwill rewatch though
  34. West Side Story
  35. Lawrence of Arabia
  36. Tom Jones
  37. My Fair Lady
  38. The Sound of Musicwill rewatch though despite the fact I’ve seen it a hundred times
  39. A man for all Seasons
  40. In the Heat of the Night
  41. Oliver!
  42. Midnight Cowboy
  43. Patton
  44. The French Connection
  45. The Godfather
  46. The Stingwill rewatch though
  47. The Godfather Part II
  48. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  49. Rockywill rewatch though
  50. Annie Hall
  51. The Deer Hunter
  52. Kramer vs. Kramer
  53. Ordinary People
  54. Chariots of Fire
  55. Gandhi
  56. Terms of Endearment
  57. Amadeus
  58. Out of Africa
  59. Platoon – haven’t seen yet
  60. The Last Emperor
  61. Rain Manwill rewatch though
  62. Driving Miss Daisy
  63. Dances with Wolveswill rewatch though
  64. Unforgiven
  65. Schindler’s List
  66. Forrest Gumpwill rewatch though
  67. Braveheart
  68. The English Patient
  69. Titanic – will rewatch though
  70. Shakespeare in Lovewill rewatch though
  71. Gladiator – will rewatch though
  72. Chicagowill rewatch though
  73. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King – will rewatch though
  74. Million Dollar Baby
  75. Crash
  76. The Departed
  77. No Country for Old Men
  78. Slumdog Millionaire
  79. The Hurt Locker
  80. The King’s Speech
  81. The Artist
  82. Argo

All in all, 28 down – 57 to go (plus 12 I’m going to rewatch). I’m rather leisurely with this particular pursuit but seeing as how I’m doing it for fun I don’t mind. Maybe I can finish by the time I’m 30. The review for The Broadway Melody, All Quiet on the Western Front, Cimarron, Grand Hotel, It Happened One Night, Mutiny on the Bounty, The Great Ziegfeld, The Life of Emile Zola and You Can’t Take it With You is here, while Gone with the Wind and Rebecca have their own pages.

Until next time
~ Q


Movie Review: Rebecca

So I just finished the first Oscar movie of the 1940s, Rebecca (although in part I was writing this while watching so it’s really long – spoilers pretty much throughout the post – you’ve been warned). My first thought while the credits were rolling was that some of the scenery was reminiscent of Gone with the Wind. Then I discovered that it was produced by the same company, so that kind of made sense. The first, of many things, that surprised me about Rebecca was that it was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Instantly my interest was piqued. Add to that Nigel Bruce, the guy who played Watson opposite Basil Rathbone’s Sherlock, was also in the movie. I buckled in for some surprises.

Rebecca starred Joan Fontaine as Mrs. De Winter (she has no other name besides that, ever, so I’ll refer to her as DW) and Laurence Olivier as Maxim de Winter. The movie began the same way the story begins with a voice over by DW saying “Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley” she continues to talk about the ruined home and then enters into the story of her life at a younger point in time. They go into a memory of a vacation in Southern France where DW was a paid companion to Mrs. Van Hopper (played by Florence Bates). The first we actually see of DW is her yelling at a man to stop because she thinks he is going to jump off a cliff (I quite agree that that is how it looked). The man tells her to get lost and the next wee see of either character is when they are in the hotel with van Hopper. Hopper is an older lady and a bit of a busy body. She spots Maxim (cliff man) and beckons him to join them. More awkward interactions ensue between Maxim and  DW while Hopper blathers before Maxim makes his hasty exit. The next day DW is at brunch alone and is invited/forced to join Maxim. They have an easy conversation and he offers to drive her somewhere to sketch (after insisting she eats more food).

While they are sketching DW brings up that she once saw a postcard of a fine old house by the sea and that she didn’t realize that it was his home, Manderley. Maxim says that he will never return and becomes rather introspective. Trying to cover the awkward silence she tries to change the subject to the water (since they are indeed by the sea) and how it takes so long for the water to warm up in England and how the water in southern France is so warm she could stay in all day. That is if it weren’t for the dangerous undertow. She then remarks on how a man drowned there last yer. Again Maxim decides to make a hasty retreat and brings them back to the hotel. There Joan walks in on Hopper being a gossip to her nurse (for she has fallen ill with a cold/flu) talking about how she knew Mr. and Mrs. de Winter. Then she adds that the Former Mrs. De Winter drowned in a sailing accident. This sets the bar for dear DW. She can’t quite seem to have an interaction with Maxim that doesn’t end pretty poorly.

This might be why she is so surprised when the next day he stops her in the lobby:
Maxim: Off duty?
DW: Well, yes. Mrs. Van Hopper’s cold turned into flu, so she’s got a trained nurse.
M: I’m sorry for the nurse. You keen on tennis?
D: Well, not particularly.
M: That’s good. We’ll go for a drive. (Takes the racquet and hides it in a bush).

That starts many outing for the two while Hopper is sick. However the romance is threatened when Hopper’s daughter gets engaged and they must leave at once. DW goes to Maxim and tells him goodbye. He then asks her if she would rather go with Hopper to New York or Manderley with him, as his bride. She chooses that later and is accepted by all the servants save for Mrs. Danvers who is quite put-offish and cold.

There is something weird about Maxim and DWs relationship. Maxim treats her a bit like a child. Telling her what/how much to eat, what articles to read, or takes her hand to wave to someone else. In one scene it might rain so he sends a servant to grab a coat. When he returns Maxim goes to put it on her instead of carrying it (since it’s a rain coat and it hasn’t started raining yet). DW asks if she must put it on and he replies, “Yes, certainly, certainly, certainly. You can’t be too careful with children.” That sums it up in a nutshell. DW is, herself, a bit awkward and clumsy. This apparently is a never dyeing theme – quite prominent right now (hello Twilight / Fifty Shades of Grey).

Poor DW, as she tries to get settled to a new life style there are constant reminders of the former ‘Mrs. De Winter’. Some are subtle, like the napkins that are monogrammed as R de W, while others are more overt like Mrs. Danvers constantly making reference to how things were done under the former de Winter. She is often served back handed compliments. (Such as Beatrice (Winter’s sister) comments about how Maxim acts: “I doubt he’ll fly off in a rage with you, you’re such a placid little thing”. The comments are always said kindly, but if you listen to the words and not the tone they are quite rude.

DW always walks on egg shells, fearing she’ll set off Maxim. One day she finally goes to the west wing (a part of the house that hasn’t been entered since The Former de Winter passed away). Danvers catches her and starts to show her evil side. She does all she can to push DW over the edge. Sinking so low as to tricking DW into dressing like Former de Winters for a fancy dress party. The night of the party Danvers opens a window for DW to ‘calm down’ and get fresh air. Then she tries to convince DW to just jump and end it since she’ll never make Maxim happy.

That same night (it was a big night) there is a shipwreck and we get into the Hitchcockian twists. The diving team finds the wreckage of the Former de Winter’s boat. This puts Maxim into a tailspin. DW searches for him, knowing the effect it will have on her husband. She finds him to apologize for the costume mishap and discovers the truth about Maxim’s freak outs whenever the Former de Winter is mentioned. Oddly enough telling the truth makes it possible for them to actually grow as a couple. So as not to truly spoil the twist I won’t divulge what the truth is. After DW somewhat stood up for herself (or at least stopped being the child Maxim was use to) I started rooting for the couple and in a weird way they had a happy ending. All in all I’d watch this Oscar winner again. It truly wasn’t what I was expecting, but perhaps that’s because I thought this Rebecca was the same as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Definitely not.

Until next time ~ Q

Movie Review: Gone with the Wind or A Rant About My Dislike for Scarlett O’Hara

In case the blog title isn’t enough of a give away I did not like Scarlett O’Hara, so unfortunately my opinion of this movie was fairly marred by that dislike. I went into this movie with a bit of unease based purely on the fact that it was two discs long. I had issues getting through some of the movies when they were only long enough to fill one disc. If this one wasn’t enjoyable I had that much longer to sit through, and boy howdy did I not enjoy most of this movie.

The movie begins with an Overture. I somewhat feel like overtures are best left to live theater, there they have a purpose. The lights are dimming, people are settling and preparing for the play to begin. However in a movie what’s the point? I guess people need to get settled at home too. Another thing I’ve noticed in older movies (thus far) is that they have the credits before the movie instead of at the end. This too prolongs the time you sit through before the movie. A special thing about Gone with the Wind is that it first played the overture and then did the credits? Clearly back in the day they weren’t two birds with one stone people. Anyway I did enjoy the fact that they did the cast credits more like a play. Called them ‘The Players” even, then had it segmented like you see in playbooks. IE At Tara (The O’Hara Plantation in Georgia) – Gerald O’Hara….Thomas Mitchell / Ellen, his wife….Barbara O’Neill   Their Daughters   Scarlett….Vivien Leigh / Suellen … Evelyn Keyes etc.

Anyway after all of the music the movie finally begins and we’re graced with the presence of Scarlett O’Hara who is ‘busy’ listening to two of her beaus chat about the war. This displeases her, so she feigns a tantrum and threatens to leave if they don’t stop. This sums up Scarlett in a nutshell. Super manipulative, vein, conceded…on and on I could go, but why? Shortly after a bomb is dropped – Ashley Wilkes (a neighbor) is engaged which sends Scarlett in to a frenzy. Everyone is suppose to be heading to Ashley’s for a picnic so she dresses in a somewhat risque dress and heads over. At the party she is hell bent on making Ashley jealous and see that he should be with her not his cousin. After that doesn’t work she point blank tells him she is in love with them and they have a rather large falling out. Overhearing the fall out is Rhett Butler.

What can I say about Rhett Butler? I like him purely because he’s 100% honest about the fact that he is a bit of a rake. Yes he looks out for number 1 but he never lies about that. Although morally he’s not a great character out of the two leads I’d rather know him over Scarlett. Is that his womanizing ways speaking? Anyway the movie is really long and lots of stuff happens (civil war, loss of a few husbands, carpetbaggers invade etc). Scarlett marries a few times before she finally marries Rhett and each time it’s for her own gain, and Rhett calls her on it. Not until she finally succeeds in driving Rhett away does she realize how much she is in love with him and not stupid Ashley however by this time he has left her for the final time. She vows to return to her home (Tarra) and in the morning she will find away to get Rhett back. She is prepetually chasing a man who no longer loves her. Through 80% of the movie she chases Ashley even though time and time again he tells her he doesn’t love her. It isn’t until the last time it finally sinks in and she realizes she doesn’t care because she loves Rhett.

The amusing bit of watching this is while talking about it with my middle sister she informed me that I had the same exact comments as our oldest sister did. My oldest sister tired to read it and said

  1. it’s super long
  2. I hate Scarlett O’Hara
  3. I can’t find one redeeming quality in her character

which sums up what I had to say about it. Perhaps the movie and the book were fairly inline (which doesn’t necessarily happen often). Although I think the book is probably even more racists – I think that was a comment of my sister’s. Or perhaps I learned that it school. Either way I’ve spent enough effort on Scarlett O’Hara, this is one book I wont be discovering for myself. Not unless every other book I wish to read is already read and I’v already reread hunger games a million times before. So yeah, I don’t foresee it happening. One nice thing about the movie was that it was in color so all of the lovely costumes and scenery took on more life then they have in the past Oscar winners. (Actually, I think it was colorized but that is neither here nor their – if I’m going to watch it it’s nice that I got to see all of it).

Anyway that’s enough negativity, until next time ~ Q

The Oscars

Last fall I decided (for whatever reason) that I was going to watch all of the movies that won an oscar. I also decided to go in chronological order – as much as possible, figuring it’d be like the history of film making happening right before me. Surely the effects in the most recent films will be more stunning then the older ones. That’s being said some of the older ones did amazing things, especially considering they didn’t have all the advances we have now. The only bummer thing is the sound quality. I usually have to watch them on 60 (my volume usually hovers around 15) so when I do flip from watching the DVD to TV I usually give myself a mini heart attack.

Sadly for going at it since early November I’ve only made it through 6 (if you count in order. I have seen others but I’m planning on watching/re-watching them all in order (if possible)). I’ll have to be slightly more diligent in this task if I ever want to make it through. However I do sometimes think that to be even nominated for an Oscar the movie has to be forever long with lots of quite moments and if it’s a drama and will make the viewer perhaps sad double bonus. One side note, the lovely thing about Netflix is there queue system. I only had to go through the adding of the movies once, but they don’t have them all, as you will notice in my list.

  1. Wings – haven’t seen yet (not on Netflix)
  2.  The Broadway Melody – I don’t know what I was expecting but I found this movie fairly annoying. It begins in some sort of office building, more likely a studio though, when Eddie blazes in to introduce his hot new song ‘Broadway Melody’ (how convenient). Of course everyone there loves it and these two girls want to sing or dance to it for him. He turns them down because he already has his act picked out. His fiance, Hank, and her sister Queenie have just arrived in New York to make it big. Hank is a bossy penny pincher while Queenie is a bit of a worthless princess. Anyway Eddie goes to their hotel to meet them and sees Queenie for the first time since she was young. How he didn’t see her when he and Hank were courting I have no clue. The sisters only seem a couple years different in age – but what do I know. (Nothing in regards to this movie). Oh, I should add Eddie isn’t able to take his eyes off Queenie and thus the seeds for a love triangle are sown. Anyway lots of stuff happens and eventually Hank rolls over and lets Eddie leave her for her sister. It’s quite painful because their ‘love’ just blooms out of no where, but hey, that’s how they roll on Broadway apparently (back in the day).
  3. All Quiet on the Western Front – Wasn’t really a fan of this movie either. It was awhile ago so I can’t quite remember the specifics of why, but I’m not going to watch it again to refresh my memory. I remember for awhile in the movie though that a pair of boots were being past around and anyone who wore them ended up dying. I don’t care how comfortable those boots are, if several someones have died wearing them perhaps its best to pass on them.
  4. Cimarron – I rather hated this movie. It’s about this guy who has a bit of a wanderlust. He uproots his family to go to a developing town in Oklahoma (I think). The wife goes with him (of course) and doesn’t really like it. Somehow though everyone knows her husband, probably because he travels so much. She makes the best of the situation and eventually learns to love the town. It seems like the more comfortable she gets with the place the more the husband wants to leave. After a few years he decides to take off leaving her and the two kids behind. Then, years later, he returns and everyone is just so happy he is back. He essentially comes in, screws up what the wife has done over the past X years and then takes off again. This happens a few more times. I think I hate it so because the wife was seemingly a strong character to be able to move on after her husband left, but she wasn’t really. She was a huge doormat who never fought for what she really wanted. She just took up the mantle of what her husband had started once he decided to leave.
  5. Grand Hotel – I rather missed the point of this movie. It was fine enough, I believe I worked on a project while watching it, but like I said I missed the point. As I look back on it though it kind of reminds me of Love Actually, in that there were so many storylines going on and only some were then linked to one another. I don’t know if that happened a lot in the movies back then. Certainly it was the first Oscar winner to do that, so that’s neat I suppose. That being said though, I do remember bits of it being super random, and not necessarily in a good way.
  6. Cavalcade – haven’t seen yet (on Netflix technically, but under the ‘save’ tab so who knows when)
  7. It Happened One Night – I enjoyed this one very much. It was just a cute romantic comedy and I thoroughly enjoyed Clark Gable’s character. Claudette Cobert’s too, for that matter. I remember watching this one and thinking it was the best I’d seen so far. Both in my ability to enjoy the story line, but also in cinematic quality. I would watch this one again, might go re-add it to my queue once I’m done with this post. Anyway, I liked the chemistry between the two leads and how natural the progression of their opinion for one another was throughout the movie.
  8. Mutiny on the Bounty – Absolutely hated this movie. It went on forever and grrr, I just hated the captain. So in that case it was good, that actor did a great job of making me hate him. But my dislike for the character combined with how long the movie drug on made it quite insufferable. I think the movie could have been half as long and still made its point, but perhaps I’m wrong. Not even my desire to see Gable in such a different role as he had played in It Happened One Night could get me to watch this movie in one sitting.
  9. The Great Ziegfeld – Although I may never watch this movie again, it did make me quite interested in looking into the work of Ziegfeld. In college I helped out with some of the student productions, and in general I’m quite interested in the performing arts. This movie makes me want to see all the things Ziegfeld envisioned. There was this one scene that lasted forever in which there was a, seemingly, unending spiral staircase. I’m seriously impressed be the ingenuity and engineering that would be required to pull of such a feat. Sometimes I feel like modern cinema/plays have limited themselves too much. They need to take a look at the past and pull out some of what has come before.
  10. The Life of Emile ZolaI was so confused as to the point of this movie. So by extension I didn’t enjoy it all that much, however I will say the second half seemed to have more of a plot or a line of thoughts and actions I could follow. This movie did make me want to learn more about Emile Zola, if only so I could understand the movie. I feel like the movie didn’t really have a point except that Zola wrote the truth and then saved a guy from continued imprisonment. But I can’t even know if that is true because there was a notice at the begging of the movie saying some of the events were only based on fact but that some of it had been changed. Perhaps I will read one of his books this autumn (since I’ve already completed my summer reading list).
  11. You Can’t Take it With YouSuper cute. I just finished this one and really enjoyed it. I’ve always enjoyed Jimmy Stewart and he does an excellent job in this movie. Of course the antics of the family are amusing. The Grandpa character is endearing as well. Just overall I liked it very much. AP and his wife did a good job of being disagreeable without making me want to not watch the movie (like in Mutiny on the Bounty). And in the end everyone learned their lesson. Although I do wonder what happened with the mergers.
  12. Gone with the Wind – haven’t seen yet
  13. Rebecca – haven’t seen yet
  14. How Green was my valley – haven’t seen yet
  15. Mrs. Miniver – haven’t seen yet
  16. Casablanca – haven’t seen yet and I’m really excited for it. It’s a classic and even if you haven’t seen it you know “Here’s looking at you kid”
  17. Going my way – haven’t seen yet
  18. The Lost Weekend – haven’t seen yet
  19. The Best Years of Our Lives – haven’t seen yet
  20. Gentleman’s Agreement – haven’t seen yet
  21. Hamlet – haven’t seen yet
  22. All the King’s Men – haven’t seen yet
  23. All about Eve – haven’t seen yet
  24. An American in Paris – haven’t seen yet
  25. The Greatest Show on Earth – haven’t seen yet
  26. From Here to Eternity – haven’t seen yet
  27. On the Waterfront – haven’t seen yet
  28. Marty – haven’t seen yet
  29. Around the World in 80 days – haven’t seen yet
  30. The bridge on the river Kwai – haven’t seen yet
  31. Gigi – haven’t seen yet
  32. Ben-Hur – haven’t seen yet
  33. The Apartment – My dad and I watched this one together. Something he requested for Christmas was that we each (his children) carve out time to watch an old movie with him. He knew I was doing this Oscar thing so he picked out a couple he liked. I decided you couldn’t go wrong with Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine so I picked this.
  34. West Side Story – I’ve seen the actual musical (just this past Februrary) but not the movie. I’m anxious to see what changes there might be. During the musical there was a lot of Spanish spoken (obviously) but for some reason it threw me off, I wasn’t expecting it for some reason. Since Spanish is much more common today than it was in 1962 (I’m guessing) will there still be that? Can’t wait to see!
  35. Lawrence of Arabia – haven’t seen yet
  36. Tom Jones – haven’t seen yet
  37. My Fair Lady – haven’t seen yet
  38. The Sound of Music – I don’t know of any child who hasn’t seen this, or perhaps it was just part of my upbringing. I still remember that it’d break right when they were doing the puppet show, causing you to switch from tape 1 to tape 2. I wonder what happens on the DVD.
  39. A man for all Seasons – haven’t seen yet
  40. In the Heat of the Night – haven’t seen yet
  41. Oliver! – haven’t seen yet
  42. Midnight Cowboy – haven’t seen yet
  43. Patton – haven’t seen yet
  44. The French Connection – haven’t seen yet
  45. The Godfather – haven’t seen yet
  46. The Sting – I really enjoy this movie and will watch it again when it comes up between the Godfathers
  47. The Godfather Part II – haven’t seen yet and can hardly wait
  48. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest – haven’t seen yet
  49. Rocky – We watched this in my senior comp class. I can’t quite recall the justification for it. Adrian!!
  50. Annie Hall – haven’t seen yet
  51. The Deer Hunter – haven’t seen yet
  52. Kramer vs. Kramer – haven’t seen yet
  53. Ordinary People – haven’t seen yet
  54. Chariots of Fire – haven’t seen yet
  55. Gandhi – haven’t seen yet
  56. Terms of Endearment – haven’t seen yet
  57. Amadeus – haven’t seen yet
  58. Out of Africa – haven’t seen yet
  59. Platoon – haven’t seen yet
  60. The Last Emperor – haven’t seen yet
  61. Rain Man – I don’t know if it’s because despite being a good actor I haven’t seen him in a lot of movies but I love Dustin Hoffman in this. He did an amazing job (I think)
  62. Driving Miss Daisy – haven’t seen yet
  63. Dances with WolvesI vaguely remember Kevin Costner in a wolf costume. However I think that may be a false memory so I’ll have to see it again to confirm.
  64. The Silence of the Lambs – Hello Clarice. I don’t know if I’ve seen this one or not but I don’t think so. I think I’ve only seen Hannibal. Can’t wait
  65. Unforgiven – haven’t seen yet
  66. Schindler’s List – haven’t seen yet
  67. Forrest Gump – Tom Hanks has played a LOT of different characters. 
  68. Braveheart – haven’t seen yet
  69. The English Patient – haven’t seen yet
  70. TitanicI was obsessed with this movie when it first came out (when I was in 6th grade). So much so that my sisters hardcore mocked me. Haven’t watched it since.
  71. Shakespeare in Love – I love Gwyneth Paltrow but am a touch confused by the ending. Did the boat really sink or is that just how he imagines it?
  72. American Beauty – haven’t seen yet
  73. GladiatorI think I watched this for the first time with my family, an amusing tale at that. It was my parent’s anniversary and my sisters and I decided to get them a DVD player. When my mom opened up the present her first response, “but we don’t even have any DVDs.” Gladiator was I think the only movie we decided to get them, you know, because nothing celebrates another year of marriage quite like carnage.
  74. A Beautiful Mind – haven’t seen yet
  75. Chicago – I’ve seen both the musical and the movie (but not in awhile). It was good, it’s always fun to see some actors try new things. Who knew Richard Gere could sing? Also, one difference I recall between the live version and the movie is that the song Mr. Cellophane was ommited from the movie. I rather like musical Otis, he seems much more tragic.
  76. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Of course I’ve seen it. I loved the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Which just goes to show some things don’t run in the family. I tried to get my sister to watch with me. I only have the extended editions of the movies and she made it through the first 5 (of 6). We were in the middle of a battle and she couldn’t finish. Her explanation “I’m good.” What the what? I do know that these things do happen in reverse though too. “Wanna go to the batting cages.” “No, I’m good.”
  77. Million Dollar Baby – haven’t seen yet
  78. Crash – haven’t seen yet
  79. The Departed – haven’t seen yet
  80. No Country for Old Men – haven’t seen yet
  81. Slumdog Millionaire – haven’t seen yet
  82. The Hurt Locker – haven’t seen yet
  83. The King’s Speech – haven’t seen yet
  84. The Artist – haven’t seen yet

Until next time~Q