Quick Post: Square(ish) Meals

Squarish MealsA long, long time ago (I can still remember) I got these trays. I thought they were stinkin’ cute, even though the intended audience was probably kids between the ages of 4 and 11. Oh well, such is life.

Shockingly they haven’t proven immensely practical for yours truly. This is in large part do to the fact that I rarely eat meals that have the foods/food groups separated. I’m a crock pot/casserole/soup girl at heart. However, the other day I was delighted when I was making supper and realized I had divided out my food. Ribs, steamed broccoli and a tangerine. Supper of champions.

I was careful not to take my eyes of my tray though. The squirrel was eying the ribs and would have taken off with them. Anyway, a basic leftover meal by moi. Thanks to my father for giving me the ribs, since that is woefully beyond my skill to make (or buy).


Quick Post: Looks gross, tastes delicious!

Today for breakfast I decided to be semi-adventurous the result was a bit gruesome to the eyes so I balanced it out with an old favorite – cheese omelet and toast. Anyway to the experiment. I had a ton of spinach that was due to go past its ‘best by’ date this week. I also had some grapes that weren’t my preferred level of tenderness. Knowing I wasn’t going to eat either (had my meals planned and they didn’t include spinach salad) I threw both in the blender and decimated them. The result? 6 cups of runny green goo. Sounds appetizing right? I warily dipped in my spoon and was rewarded for my bravery with a wonderful taste and unique texture. I was worried there would be just chunks of spinach leaves but there wasn’t to many and they were tiny enough to ignore. Also the grapes dominated the flavor, and the slight spinach essence only enhanced the experience, rather than detract. That’s one way to get your veggies without dealing with the sometimes bland taste. As an added bonus Spinach is full of good-for-you stuff like calcium, folic acid, vitamin C & K, iron, fiber, carotenoids, lutein and bioflavanoids. The goo was actually my favorite part of breakfast. The other stuff (eggs & toast) were just old had compared to the uniqueness in my glass. Anyway must dash, until next time ~ Q

Quick Post: Veggie Omelette

I swear I always buy eggs thinking I wont wait until the expiration is two days away to start eating them. Low and behold here we are again. I suppose if I would actually meal plan, like I always intend to, that wouldn’t be a problem. Anyway, breakfast today was a veggie omelette. I don’t really keep tons of fresh veggies in the house, they go bad before I can eat them all. Two things I do keep are baby carrots and onion. So it was really a cheese-onion-carrot omelette and it was quite tasty.

I think this is my first successful omelette I’ve made since I took beginning foods as a freshmen in high school, ten years ago, wow. I can’t believe it was that long ago-yikes. Usually I end up breaking the omelette so then I just make scrambled eggs instead. Anyway, it was good and I’ll make it again, I’m sure. Super thrilling I know, but I realized I hadn’t included any cooking posts in a long time and can’t the picture speak for itself anyway? So until next time~Q.