[Audio]Book Review: Bossypants

BossypantsTina Fey, what can I say? I’ve always enjoyed the stuff she was in, but for whatever I didn’t put two and two together to realize she writes a lot of her material. If you are looking for a quick paced anecdotal walk through a comedians life this one is definitely worth the read. If you are looking for a book about a person who has climbed to the top of their field it’s worth the read. Or perhaps you’re looking for a book about how a woman juggles career and kids, this touches that as well.

I would recommend this book to any of my friends. If you happen to get the audiobook you get the added bonus of Tina Fey actually reading it. I usually enjoy when authors read their own work. Sometimes emphasis can get misinterpreted from the author’s intention to the narrators performance. When the author reads it themselves the intent is clear. Also Fey’s timing that makes her such a great performer/writer enhances the book experience.

Perhaps the reason I enjoyed this book so much was that it didn’t feel like a biography (or autobiography in this case). I was just being told a series of stories, an anthology if you will, that all happened to be about the very real Fey (as opposed to fae, the mythical fairy creatures). If all of my nonficition books I read this year are as enjoyable as this was I wont have any issues keeping my resolution to read three. Obviously I’m 1/3 of the way there with this little gold nugget.

Until next time
~ Q

A Dexter Diversion Day-venture

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take more ‘day-ventures’ rather than sitting home on any given Saturday being uber lazy. I only resolved to do this for 10 Saturdays, the other 42 I can be as perfectly lazy as I want. Well the last weekend in February scored me my first outing. I went to visit my buddy in Kansas City to have a Dexter Marathon. There is a bit of a back story to this.

We have this other friend who has enjoyed this show for quite some time now (since it’s now in it’s seventh season we’ve been hearing about it for awhile now). Allie (the KC friend) and I both mentioned that we wanted to see it but weren’t keen on watching it alone. It’s one thing to watch a scary movie by yourself, it’s a completely different story to watch an entire season of scary suspense. Our solution? Hunker down for a weekend and marathon that sucker (a season at a time) and since it was winter this seemed the perfect time to start.

That lead to me heading down to KC two weekends ago to visit one of my dear friend and get scared. It was a perfect little weekend but after watching three episodes the night I got there and one in the morning while we ate our breakfast we decided that we were burning through episodes fast and would need to get a couple more disks (had only acquired 2/4) and we also needed to get out of the house to shake off the willies. Cue the Day-venture. I’m not one to shop a lot but if done sporadically I’ve found I quite enjoy the activity and I definitely dig the Zona Rosa vibe. In some ways it’s a mall, but only in that there are a mass of stores in one localized area. The major difference: it’s completely outside. Well the walkways are. It’s so nice being able to walk in the sunshine as you flit from store to store, even in winter. Anyway if you’re ever in KC and the prospect of being in the Plaza is too much, head out to the Rosa.

Dexter Diversion

We neglected to take a picture of us doing the actual tasting, but we did snap a quick pick of the arbors at the winery as proof of the excursion.

Part two of our Dexter Diversion was to hit up a winery near Rushville, Kansas. Yes we could have gone to a winery closer to KC but the drive is quite scenic and we had the entire day. Also the winery was a ‘two birds, one stone’ situation. As stated I wanted to go on Day-ventures, Allie had resolved to go on more wine tastings so she could become more knowledgeable about wine.

We were able to try nine different wines which culminated in a refreshingly warm mulled wine to heat us up before we braced ourselves for the snow outside. Driving back to KC we both agreed we’d have to return in another season because that part of the state has some lovely hills and valleys to take in while you drive. As a side note there was a duck or something hitch hiking. We almost hit it both times because the thing switched which side of the road it was waddling on as we made the return drive – fun times.

Once we made it back to the city we stopped at a block buster (not kidding some of them are still around) and picked up the last two discs and hunkered in. After another three episodes we needed another break and coincidentally there was a birthday outing we could join. Nothing creepier than after watching this ‘normal Joe’ character who is secretly a serial killer to go out where there are a mass of normal Joes. Yeah, have fun with that one all of you who have an over-active imagination.

In all we made it through 10 of the 12 episodes of season 1 which I think is fairly impressive for a span of about 36 hours. As Allie mentioned it’s nice to do it this way, that way you’re freaked out for a concentrated time and then can move on. I couldn’t agree more.

Ready, Set, Serve! [Daily Prompt]

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

*timer is started*

I find that my mind is blank. I usually have a million and six things running through it. Or perhaps it’s not blank it’s just that there are too many things to write about. Should I tell you about my Kermit the Frog water bottle? How excited I am for an event that isn’t until OCTOBER? Or about volleyball…and that’s the winner.

Volleyball is high up in the brain this week for several reasons:

  1. The season just started for my team on Sunday
  2. Our volleyball shirts are done!
  3. We have games on Friday and Sunday this weekend
  4. Our team is planning on also playing on Saturday during open-gym
  5. I’ve completed my volleyball-related resolution!!

As listed we had games on Sunday. But not the regular two matches (3 games each) oh no, we had three so we played nine games. That was a lot after having nearly two months off. However it was lots of fun, our team was fairly competitive. Not saying there weren’t games where we would get into ruts where the other team would score seven unanswered points, but this time around we usually lose within 10 points.

I’ve achieved one of my resolutions! Number 7 “Win a volleyball game”. This should give me motivation to keep up with the others, so that’s nice to have that one tackled. Especially since that was the only one that relied on the help of others to accomplish. So yes, out of the nine games we won one! There were a couple that we only lost by 2-3 (still lost, but it was really close).

Volleyball TeamAlso, as stated, we got our tee shirts in from the maker! I’m excited, our team will look so amusing wearing bright yellow shirts on the court. I’m a huge nerd, as is my team, and I love it.

*timer goes off*


Hitting the [not so] right note

A post not related to a prompt-be still my heart! Anyway, if you recall I did mention in my resolutions’ post about wanting to learn the guitar. Even though it didn’t make it as an ‘official’ resolution I still wanted to attempt it. I was messing around last tonight after ‘learning’ the E minor and A major chords. I like the progression between the two, but something wasn’t quite right. There was a bit of a struggle. If you’d like to experience one minute of my pointless strumming feel free to check out the video (if you have pointers feel free to comment, I’m flying a bit blind here).

You may notice that I do have the guitar flipped the correct way ’round. Apparently my left hand thinks holding chords is easier than my right hand. Whatever, I only played for 10-15 minutes (how long can I strum the same progression before my neighbors take up torches?) and the odd thing is I can still feel something on my fingertips today…so that’s new. There is probably a reason I didn’t stick with band in school, but now that I’m not getting graded for it maybe it will stick. And really, it’s not like you can whip out a trombone and just play for fun in your apartment. That’s really when people start to worry about you (I’d imagine since I don’t plan on testing it).

Until next time ~ Q

Keeping Broken Promises [Daily Prompt]

I usually make multiple resolutions in order to be able to keep at least one. Case in point, this year I have seven. For 2012 (I can’t even remember what all I resolved, I didn’t do a very good job at recording them) I did want to lose weight. Technically I did keep that one, I was down 10 pounds or so at weigh in on New Year’s day. However I don’t know whether to count it or not because A) It wasn’t as much as I had intended (but since it wasn’t a quantifiable goal I still made it) or B) It didn’t inspire the healthier lifestyle until the last quarter of the year. That’s me, starting a diet right before the holidays. I’m a rock star.

On the whole though I did technically meet that goal. Hopefully I do better this year, I want to meet 50% of my goals. If I had to guess, I think juggling will fail. If for no reason other than I shouldn’t pursue the ability to throw clubs in the air. I can almost guarantee that I’m going to get hit, painfully, in the head. Looking forward to it. I’m not sure why I’m so optimistic about this year’s goals. I’ve failed 99% of the time before. We’ll see how it goes.

So far I’ve kept the everyday ones! I also engaged in ‘active living’ yesterday so that one is on track as well. 1 day down, 364 to go. Check out other success stories at DP’s prompt page.

I resolve to use my napkin

I feel that New Year’s resolutions fail partially because the person making them resolves to do something thing that isn’t in their nature, it’s a vague resolution, or both. For example ‘I resolve to work out for an hour everyday’ or ‘I resolve to be healthier’. The first is doomed to fail because it can be quite an undertaking to go from never working out to committing to 7 hours each week. The second is so nondescript that the sheer ‘nothing to go on’ – ness of it would make it broken in about a week.

With that in mind my buddy Allie and I set out to make some resolutions. As we brained stormed we tried to focus on various parts of our lives. In the social we discussed perhaps adding ‘date more’ or ‘put yourself out their more’ (for me). Those were nixed though. For starters they go against my nature (as much of a social creature as I am, I don’t really have the confidence to go out to a random place by myself  and strike up a conversation with some random person). Then there is the vagueness of the addition of ‘more’, going just once would be ‘more’ but wouldn’t really change me like resolutions are challenged to do. Thirdly they would rely on outside force to do something I try to avoid when making my resolutions.

In the end we both agreed we had to make quantifiable resolutions if we wanted any hope of meeting them. Although a couple of mine go against my nature (and one relies on outsiders) in the end I’m fairly happy with the list we came up with. Without further ado the list numbered in no particular order:

  1. Read three non-fiction books (I pretty much only read fiction, it’d be nice to diversify a bit).
  2. Participate in 150 minutes of active living a week.
  3. Learn to juggle three balls (eventually I want to be able to juggle pins. I have these old juggling pins as decorations in my guest room and they call to me).
  4. Write for fifteen minutes every day (blogging alone will guarantee that but I would like to journal ‘more’ too. Especially since my memory is particularly sieve-like).
  5. Go on ten day-ventures (originally when I started this blog I had aspirations of exploring Iowa, well this is the year it begins).
  6. Set a budget and stick to it (my only non-quantifiable one, but hopefully the money I’m able to set aside as a result will be quantity enough).
  7. Win a volleyball game. (This is a bit of a cheat since I am on a team of nine but hopefully, hopefully this one will be met in January. My volleyball team (the bruised lemons) has gone down a level so we’ll actually be playing people at our skill level. However since we got dangerously close to winning one of our tournament games I think this resolution is quite attainable despite having to rely on others).

Resolution NapkinThere you have it, my seven quantifiable resolutions for the New Year. Written, quite fittingly, on the back of a napkin. In an attempt of accountability I kept my buddies and she kept mine (she kindly sent me a pic of it though). Other resolutions that crossed my mind were learn guitar (which I am going to try but I’m terrible at keeping time and I’m teaching myself to play Hendrix style. Always brilliant, that’s me), learn Italian, or cook three ‘proper’ meals each week.