Clothes vs Outfits

Very rarely do I wear “outfits”. Usually I just throw something together and hope they coordinate enough to pass as acceptable clothes for work. This doesn’t always pan out (yesterday I wore this shirt to work…I paired it with a denim skirt in hopes to ‘dress it up’ enough for work). I’m not a fashionista by any means. In the future I imagine I’ll be a reluctant contestant on What Not to Wear. However today I actually pulled together an outfit. One that once I saw it made me think ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s‘ (complete with cat-eye sunglasses). Only suitable for a work environment that is usually jeans and a business casual top. I think I get the Tiffany’s part from all the sparklies I wore, and then just wearing black with the sunglasses is reminiscent of the movie cover, only she’s in a dress. The best part was I picked the various elements based on the fact that I heard it was suppose to be triple digits in our part of the state. I don’t think it ever actually made it that high but that is neither here nor there. What’s the outfit you ask? Well here is a rough polyvore creation of what it looked like. OutfitIs this what being an adult is all about? Maturing enough to pull yourself into an outfit mentality over whatever works? I feel like one could make a metaphor about that, but that’s not my style. I just like sparkly stuff and not sweating like a wildebeest. Not going to lie though, I felt pretty snazzy today. That being said I know if I plan an outfit on purpose it will not work. So I’ll just wait for the next time I accidentally pull an outfit off and enjoy the randomness that occurs until then. Until next time ~ Q

DIY: String Nail Art

I don’t know what the correct term for this DIY home decor but today I made one. Done in a monochromatic scheme it is only gray scale. Odd choice, somewhat, since my apartment is more tans and warm colors. However if you look at my clothes it’s more gray scale and now this is getting boring. Any who I started with making a marbled (if that is the right concept) background…grungy might be a better adjective. Then I printed out the shape and shallowly nailed the nails, more to mark the shape. I had to do it this way because I then had to remove the nails so I could take the paper out and flip it upside down to get the mirror image on the other half so they would be symmetrical…in shape anyway even if not in any thing else. Then I actually had to nail them in for keeps. I was using a teeny tiny hammer that may not be the most efficient for nailing into oak but I have yet to retrieve my real hammer from my parent’s place from doing some residing over father’s day so I made do. My apologies to the people in my building who had to listen to my intermittent tinkling throughout the day, I won’t be overly surprised if I hear from the land lord people next week. Now to decide where to hang it, I may have to wait, I don’t have the heart to hammer any more today and I’d need to put a couple nails in the wall to get it placed where I want. So for now here is a picture of the finished product.  Until next time~Q