Letters to myself: Part 1 – 10 years ago

I am a terrible blogger. I neglect to look at other blogs (except those that are part of the League really), even the ones I subscribe to. That would be why I have yet to participate in any of the writing prompts put out by The Daily Post. However the other day I was actually looking at my reader and saw this prompt “Write a letter to your 14 year old self. Tomorrow write one to yourself in 20 years.” I’ve decided to tweak it just a bit. So a letter to myself 10 years ago and a letter/bucket list for myself in 20 years tomorrow (or sometime this week). Here goes nothing.

Dear Juvenile Jamie (sometimes I actually refer to myself as this),

First off congratulations on completing your first high school play! The Stuck Pot was a lot of laughs and if memory serves you had way too much fun sneezing water onto David Cox. How’s cooking going? The nutrition half of the class is now over, so I imagine you’ve upgraded to cooking vegetables by now.

I know geometry is a bit killer, and (spoiler alert) you’ll be grounded for the weekend due to your poor standing rather soon but it’s probably for the best. You’ll miss the snowball fight where Weber accidentally throws ice balls. Jamie will get hit in the eye, which is not good, so yeah, for the best. Also you’ll totally understand geometry…next year. (Kind of like how algebra is clicking for you now, a year late). On the actual good news front dad doesn’t make us take math senior year. I wont spoil anymore of it than I have, but you are going to love our schedule senior year.

Continue to take as many classes with Mrs. Schloerke as you can, they’ll lead you down the right path for a career. I should probably warn you about all the mistakes you will make/are making but we need to make them. I’m a firm believer in mistakes, or rather the learning experiences we go through contribute to who we become. Although we may not be rich and famous now I can tell you we’re happy, which is better. So make mistakes, be a bit of a fool, just don’t forget to try to learn something from absolutely everything.

What does the future hold for you? Well you’ll ‘end up’ not far from home (at least right now), although where you live would be unimaginable to who you are now. Those pesky school rivalries. You’ll rise to great heights (literally) and fall a lot. Seriously, watch out in PE at the end of this year. You’re going to have a beautiful fall that will land you in a cast. (Sorry, we are still clumsy) Don’t believe me? Just you wait.

Lets see, what else? Wow, you’re not driving yet, weird. Don’t worry, we’ll never really have to drive a manual. However the theory andthe action will finally click in your head. Just be patient. Also I know you don’t have a cell phone, but 10 years later you still don’t really use it a whole lot. Especially not compared to hipsters with their smart phones. Weird to think how you have no clue what a hipster is and wow George W. Bush is still in office (it’s election day here for me). As is our way this has turned into a ramble rather quickly. So I shall say farewell for now. Good luck at districts (don’t freak, just breath and you’ll be fine). It’ll be close but you and the team will squeak through, nerves are seriously evil. You’ll overcome them as a group though and be little rock stars (in your own heads at least).

Your future self