Hyped up food [Daily Prompt]

Today’s DP stumped me: Some people eat to live, while others live to eat. What about you? How far would you travel for the best meal of your life? I don’t think I have an answer for this one. So many times in my life something that has been talked up has failed to meet expectations. Mainly because they were raised up so high. Then there are the times you go somewhere and order just something random on the menu and are blown out of the water.

For instance, here in little old Story City there is a tiny little restaurant called The Bistro. They have sporadic hours and when I say tiny I mean ridiculously small. However if you overcome all of that you are in for an unimagined treat. Her food is out of this world. Our boss ordered her pon de cremedessert for our holiday party. She had actually ordered whatever was easy for the chef (since the party was the same day, so a bit last minute). A couple hours later the chef herself comes waltzing in with these little chocolate filled shot glasses. Much better then the chocolate chip cookies I was half expecting.

Where is this tangent headed? I don’t know if I would travel far for the best meal of my life. If I know it should be the best and it fails to live up to those very high standards (whether in retrospect it was truly the best) the taste and memory would be tainted by the hours it took to get there. For another instance there is this tiny falafel place in Rome that I adore and was simply amazing. However would I plan a special detour to Rome when I travel back to Europe just to have the falafel again? No, because I have raised the bar on how good it needs to be. However if I was traveling far not knowing it was going to be the best meal of my life I would totally do it. It all depends on the given circumstances.

6 thoughts on “Hyped up food [Daily Prompt]

  1. The problem with tasty food is – They are unhealthy and they are addictive (mostly). I wonder why tasty snacks/food can’t be made out of fruits/vegetables, that are healthy instead of so much chocolate or caffeine, involved in most of them.

    Destination Infinity

    • My coworker (for the same Holiday Party) had some grapes she had partially dipped in chocolate and then chopped nuts. Although there was still some chocolate they had a much healthier base than say a caramel that has then been dipped in chocolate.

  2. I don’t know about food, but before I turned 21 (the legal drinking age in Indiana), my friend and I would drive 2 hours to Ohio just to imbibe in intoxicating beverages. Does that count?

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