Sculpting Nothing [Daily Prompt]

IMG_2755I’d feel sorry for any sculptors who came to be my personal sculptor, however if they were going to pick something from the last year to immortalize in stone I’d want them to undertake the random road trip my friend and I went on this past summer. That trip pretty much sums up how I feel like my life is: A rough plan of what should happen with some detours along the way, a little stress and a lot of laughs all stuffed into one week. That week was fabulous. My journey began in Story City with the first ‘leg’ of the trip going down to Kansas City to meet up with my buddy who then embarked on this trip with me (something we both had on our bucket list – to go on a random road trip). We hit up St. Louis, Indianapolis, Chicago, Naperville, Dubuque, and Cedar Falls before I returned home. That’s kind of a lot to cover in the span of a little under a week in the middle of summer in a car whose air gives out after about 2 hours of driving in the sun. (Allie and I learned our lesson, drive in the evening/night NOT the middle of the day. Who knew? Well, besides my brainiac sister).

It was hard to choose just one subject. I had three other jump in my head:

  1. Shedding Weekend – my immediate family re-sided and reshingled our back yard shed. This is of significance because we haven’t done a project like that for 15 years or so (if you’re doing maths that puts me around age 10 which may be generous. My family built a garage with a crew of husband, wife, & 3 daughters (14, 11, 8). It took us a couple summers to finish the monster but it’s still standing to this day so not so bad right? This project was a much smaller scale and we were much bigger. It was fun putting those old skills to use again, and we had two other adults to help.
  2. First birthday party – my nephew had his first birthday party this summer, and although not directly a milestone in my life it was nice to be able to experience it and be a part of it.
  3. My Best Friend’s Wedding – again not directly a milestone in my life, but one of my best friends was married this summer and I was honored to be included in the festivities. She was the first of my gal pals to get married so that’s special, right?

As always fun prompts. Check out what other people are doing over at the Daily Post


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